Jerome Carven wraps up spring, looking forward to final season in Tennessee

Jerome Carven saw a little bit of everything during his time in Tennessee. From commitment to Jeremy Pruitt’s traditional offensive style and play, to ugly training shift, to playing in Josh Hubble’s fast-spreading luminous attack, Karvin has been here through it all.

He’s been a constant presence for the team, quietly serving as one of the most important players on the show. Thanks to the NCAA’s COVID year rule, he gets a chance to turn around and really see his work in Knoxville.

Now that he’s older, the Memphis native will once again transition to the role of starting guard in Tennessee. His 2022 season is already a lot different from the 2021 version – of course, due to some minor familiarity.

“Everyone was familiar with the handbook, of course,” Carvin said on The Slice Podcast, speaking of the spring practice. “Everyone is familiar with the offensive rhythm. Anytime you’re a sophomore in a system, it’s always good. Things move faster, everything clicks together, everything works. I’d say that’s the main difference between last year’s spring.” This is spring.”

Getting from Jim Chaney to Josh Heupel was quite the transition, and simply working with the tempo required was a challenge. After a season to get used to it, both mentally and physically, this version of the spring workouts should be somewhat smoother for all involved.

Now a fifth-year player on the programme, Carvin is in a unique place to bring in the younger players – mentoring those who will fill his place next season and beyond. This started during the spring and will continue throughout the summer training period.

“I’d say I’ve been talking to them, (tell them) always the main goal,” said Carvin. “And that’s just to get better. Improve every day. Try to improve. Try to identify one or two things to work on that day and improve. That’s why Spring. Spring is just to get out there, hone your craft, get better. Get better and be a better player. And these guys did it” .

Karvin’s time at Knoxville was fruitful right from the start, appearing in 12 games as a true freshman in 2018. He’s been a key player in the offensive line rotation, starting off guard and even at the center at times.

His time in college is now coming to an end in 2022. And Carvin has a chance of a successful finish, with Tennessee scheduled to be in the top 25 this fall. They have a chance to make some noise at SEC East for the first time since Carvin has been part of the programme, assuming they can build on a successful 2021 season.

Looking ahead, Carvin has three specific things to look forward to this fall.

“I’m going to give you three. I would say playing LSU this year is going to be fun. I’ve never been to Death Valley so of course it’s going to be great playing there, I feel like that. Two that probably played for Alabama at home last year, play with them at home.” And I’d say Senior Day, walk down the Fall Walk one last time. That would be cool. Run through the T for one last time.”

Listen to the full episode of The Slice Podcast here.

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