Knowles news: Mike Norville accuses other teams of tampering


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On the Packer and Durham Show, FA coach Mike Norville was asked about the new state of college football – and he made some interesting accusations, saying he was aware of other schools trying to recruit his current players:

“We had conversations, there were two guys on our team who spoke people from outside. They weren’t at the gate, but they are trying to make decisions about certain things for their future.”

“That is unfortunate. But we are grateful to the men we have and the team we will be able to move forward with. But for college athletics, we want to be together here going forward.”

How does Trey Benson’s reinstatement fit into the Florida crime? Kevin Little and CoachAB jump into the movie and have a discussion.


USSR freshman John Butler gets NBA draft pool invite – In his freshman season in Florida, the 7’1 190 Ib winger started 24 of 31 games he played in Tallahassee averaging 5.9 points, 3.2 rebounds and 1.2 piece per game.


Florida State baseball won their double-header games against Jacksonville on Tuesday, 2-1, 5-4. Next for the Seminoles hosts Miami for a series of three matches over the weekend.

soft ball

National Recognition for Two Fifa Softball Players – In her last three games, Sydney Sherrill has gone 6 for 12, hitting 0.500 and raising her average to 0.324 per season. Recorded 5 runs, scored 6, fetched 5, became the first-ever Seminole to score 3 home runs in a single game, and earned Player of the Week from NFCA, D1 Softball, and ACC softball. Kathryn Sandercock also earned the ACC Pitcher of the Week mark. In 7 rounds held over the weekend, Sandercock lowered her age to 1.41.

All sports

Florida’s 13th women’s golf tournament finished the second round of the NCAA Tallahassee Regional tied with UCLA in first place, after firing 2-over 290 par 290 at Seminole Legacy Golf Club. Amelia Williamson and freshman Charlotte Heath fired top runs for the Florida State team, as both teammates bounced back in the second round with equal runs.

UCLA’s Emma Spitz currently leads the field with a 4-lower rate, while Florida’s Beatrice Wallen is behind by 2.

The Seminoles will start at 9:06 a.m. Wednesday, and Charlotte Heath will start the team. Play times begin at 8 a.m. for the final round of the NCAA Tallahassee Regional.

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