Latest Chicago Blackhawks news, 2022 NHL Stanley Cup Playoff: 5-11-22

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Black Hawk

2022 NHL Lottery Results: Blackhawks Remain at No. 6; Selection goes to CBJ (SCH) (Sun-Times) (Tribune)

What might the Blackhawks not choose now for the first round in 2022? (athlete)

What we learned about the Blackhawks’ prospects from the IceHogs (The Athletic) qualifiers

Black Hawk Q&A: What is GM’s Kyle Davidson rebuilding plan? What will they do in the goalkeeper? (platform)

How did the Blackhawks go for an entire season without any PPG defenseman scoring? (SCH)

Strom can think of his season with pride: ‘I just tried to stick to who I am’ (Sun Times)

Reflections on Madison Episode 88 – The Blackhawks’ Other Less Disconnected Season (SCH) Ends

Chicago Blackhawks 21-22: By the Numbers (SCH)

3 Things We Learned From Kyle Davidson, Including Why He Was Named ‘Baseball Guy’ (Tribune)

Like prospects for the Blackhawks, IceHogs announcer Joseph Zakrzewski has NHL dreams (The Athletic)

Report: Black Hawks split from two assistant coaches (SCH) (Sun Times) (Tribune)

Kevin Lankinen’s positivity about Black Hawks’ second season doesn’t match the numbers (Sun Times)

Lazerus: A horrific season of heavy questions awaits the Blackhawks (Athlete)

Recaps: Sabers 3, Black Hawk 2 (SCH) (Tribune) (Sun Times)

Q&A: Kyle Davidson on the Long Road ‘Back to the Top’ (Athlete)

Stanley Cup PLAYOFFS

RECAP: Hurricanes 5, Bruins 1 (NHL)

Recap: Maple Leafs 4, Lightning 3 (NHL)

Recap: Blues 5, Wild 2 (NHL)

Recap: Kings 5, Oilers 4 (NHL)

Rangers hold on to Shsterkin after loss (NHL)

Schedule of the first round of the Stanley Cup (NHL) playoffs


Marlowe retires from the NHL after 23 seasons (NHL)

Canadians Win Draft Lottery, No. 1 Pick (NHL)

Markstrom, Saros, Shesterkin Vezina finalists (ESPN)

Trotz sacked as NHL coach

Bronman: Is Shane Wright still the first choice? What is at stake in the NHL (sports) draft lottery

NHL Lottery to Determine Number 1 Pick (NHL)

The Norris Cup (NHL) Finalists Announced

Bettman: Quinville hasn’t asked for a comeback (ESPN)

GM says the Devils can trade first-round (NHL) selection

Assistant Exorcist Ricky, Nasreddin (ESPN)

King Clancy’s Cup (NHL) Candidates Announced

hockey world

Vinla Hovey appointed head coach of the Rivets (The Ice Garden)

A graphic novel by Achim Aliu that explores how he faced racism in hockey (Sun Times)

Mel Davidson joins PHF as manager and operations of league and hockey (The Ice Garden)

Finland and Sweden ban ESPN players

3ICE Hockey League reveals opening rosters (ESPN)

How hockey stars are fighting climate change by getting back to their roots (ESPN)

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