NHL results: Penguins win penalty shootouts in Toronto, Ryan Sutter returns to Nashville

It was a great hockey day on Saturday with ten games on the schedule. Three games went into overtime, three stars were injured and one former Predator was injured and it was a rude welcome in Nashville.

Let’s get to the event you may have missed.

All NHL scores

Get up to date with last night’s NHL scores with summaries from our network of SB Nation team blogs. Here’s a quick look at the full night of excitement:

Bruins 3, Flyers 0

Islanders 5, Capitals 2

Blue Jackets 3, Red Wings 0

Blues 4, Shark 3 (overtime)

Penguin 5, Maple 4 (SO)

Hurricanes 6, Demons 3

Canadians 4, Lightning 3

wild 2, predators 1 (su)

coyote 2, stars 1

Kings 6, Flames 2

five the answers Takeaway

Before most games, we usually present five pressing questions About night work. However, we decided to change it yesterday. Instead of thinking about the upcoming games, we went into the night with an open mind. Here are five tips from yesterday’s procedure, with a little help from our NHL blogs.

1. Some fighting in the blue jackets.

You mentioned earlier on Twitter on Saturday that the Blue Jackets are still at the bottom of the rankings even though they’re playing really well at the moment. Turns out the joke was on me. You have to give Columbus credit for the way they were able to pull themselves out of the basement in the Western Conference, as they are now only four points out of the playoff zone. It helps that they play with a team that played their worst game of the season. Wing It In Motown wrote:

I feel very comfortable saying that this was the worst effort the Wings have made since their season opener against the Blues. They haven’t done anything right in any aspect of the game, and if they miss the playoffs by a few points, I want them to take a closer look at how they played today against a very defeatable team, and realize that’s where they went wrong.

2. Pilots deteriorate badly.

Kind of an obvious statement, I know. Philadelphia’s 3-0 loss to Boston on Saturday continued its losing streak to three games. And they’re the same problems they’ve always faced: costly turnarounds and terrible defenses. And as Broadstreet Hockey’s Travis Hughes writes, we should give something back:

And as for the powers that be in the Flyers organization, how long are they going to sit around and do nothing about it? Today’s loss to the Boston Bruins, when combined with the other two losses in what was seen as a very important week for this team last weekend, looks like a breaking point. Maybe it is, maybe it won’t. But with less than half a season short and a spring without playoffs staring 80-year-old Ed Snyder in the face, I’d be shocked if that breaking point was not yet in sight.

3. Predator fans are really bitter Ryan Sutter article.

Ryan Sutter said he expects to be booed when he returns to Nashville for the first time since he pulled out of the wilderness in the off-season.

Well, he got them. This is his first shift:


And he went over and over again. That’s what he heard every time he was on the ice.

She admitted she got it shortly after the match:

Part of being a Nashville fan hates Ryan Sutter now, apparently.

In the end it didn’t affect Suter, who scored 28:59 in icy time and helped a Zach Barris Power play goal.

4. Demons need to start playing better early in the games.

Now, New Jersey played very well early in the games during the recession. Meaning the best: scoring goals. The Devils are now 1-6-1 in their last eight games and are in danger of being passed by Rangers into the Atlantic. Johann Hedberg He struggles so hard, the only answer seems to be either hope for it Jeff Fraze He plays well for him or the Devils start scoring early with more consistency.

5. Scott Gomez You should win the Hart Cup.

I’m just kidding. kind of:

Scott Gomez has scored 14.9 points per $1 million in salary earned so far this season. Sidney Crosby? 8.6 I’m just not suggesting Gomez is the favorite for the mid-season Hart Cup but, well, I think I’m suggesting that.

moment of impact

What moment from last night’s matches will be making headlines in the coming days?

This is amazing Martin Hanzal hit me Jimmy Ben That could be bad news for the Dallas Stars.


stats of the night:

Stephen Stamkos Not of this world.

publish for publication

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