NHL Scores: Injury Night in the NHL

Some nights, it can feel like you’re running the front desk in the emergency room when reporting events in the NHL. Thursday night was one of those nights.

Players were falling left and right on the ice, and one of them sustained a terrifying head injury in a routine match on the ice. There were some exciting goals as well, but overall injuries and questionable kicks were a disappointing factor in Thursday night’s games.

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Get up to date with last night’s NHL scores with summaries from our network of SB Nation team blogs. Here’s a quick look at the full night of excitement:

Demons 3, Capitals 2

Cypress 1, Maple Leafs 3

leopards 5, leaflets 2

Planes 4, Hurricanes 3

Islanders 4, Canadiens 3 (OT)

Rangers 2 Senators 3 (SO)

Bruins 4, Lightning 2

Blue Jackets 3, Red Wings 2

Canucks 4, stars 3

Wild 3, oilers 1

Five answers

Before last night’s games, we presented

Five urgent questions

About night work. Here are your great and soothing answers.

1. Will Vincent Le Cavalier extend his five-game points streak?

Finney’s number was goalless in Lightning’s 4-2 loss to the Bruins.

2. Will what you want continue to dominate the Florida Panthers?

No, but he had no chance. Prior to the match, it was announced that Reed would miss six weeks due to a muscle tear. Without him, the pilots could not cope with the Panthers at all, and they lost, 5-2.

3. Will there be any transfer from the New York Rangers playoff series with the Ottawa Senators?

Not right. Chris Neal got a two minute penalty, but overall the match was tough.

4. Is Jimmy Howard eyesight really improved?

Can. Howard conceded three goals in 24 shots to the Columbus Blue Jackets. Neither of the Red Wings played well, so it’s hard to blame seeing Howard for the loss.

5. What will the first game of the post-Lindy Raff era be like in Buffalo?

Nothing looked very different from Sabers, who lost 3-1 to the Maple Leafs. It may take more than a change of training to fix this team.

moment of impact

What moment from last night’s matches will be making headlines in the coming days?

It’s impossible to pick just one of Thursday night’s events.

First, the first contestant, Vezina, was injured Craig Anderson It was only the latest blow to the Ottawa senators, and it inspired this depressing photo from Silver Seven:

Secondly , Taylor Hall Knee hit on the knee Cal Clatterbuck The high-scoring young striker could earn a suspension, which could cause trouble for the Oilers.

six nights

hit out 9-30 …. Erskine, Uwe, Fehr, Brewer and Carlson each received 4 hits

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