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    The Philadelphia Eagles were experiencing a crowded nightmare as they tried to build on the 2021 NFL campaign.

    It’s not hard to evoke optimism for the team that went through the qualifiers under first-year coach Nick Siriani last year. Most of the things they’ve done in this off season have made them better on paper.

    Of course, that includes making a big deal for AJ Brown to give Jalen Hurts another legitimate weapon. It also includes adding Haason Reddick to the passing dash and crafting one of the sporting marvels in Jordan Davis’ NFL draft history.

    These additions and more make the Eagles look like a threat to victory in the NFC East. However, the roster is bound to see some additional movement at this point which could include trading away or releasing some talent.

    As it stands, the Eagles have 87 players under contract Spotrac. Whether through deals, releases, or transfers to the coaching staff, there are many players who will not be on the final list of 53 players.

    Here’s a look at three high-profile players the Eagles can move on.

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    Let’s start with the obvious.

    Galen Rieger’s tenure with the Eagles was defined by disappointment. Picked up just before Justin Jefferson in the 2020 draft, he had two years to start to prove he could make an impact.

    However, injuries and failed promises prevented the 23-year-old from stepping into the role. He had only 299 yards and three touchdowns on 57 goals last season and has begun to go down on the depth chart as the season drags on.

    Philadelphia’s moves this season have made it clear that they’re moving from Rigor. It started last year when DeVonta Smith drafted in the first round and went on to trade for AJ Brown, signaling the end of the TCU producer’s chances of starting anywhere but the slot.

    Even there eagles have better options. Quiz Watkins outperformed Rigor last season.

    General Manager Howie Roseman has publicly supported Regor, at Zach Berman from the athlete. However, actions speak louder than words and it wouldn’t be surprising to see him make a fresh start elsewhere.

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    Eagles face a rare situation when it comes to an interventionist position. They have two high-quality starters and a potential left-starting tackle that acts as a seesaw tackle.

    There are many teams in the league that don’t even offer a single player in quality at the center. Philly three.

    The problem is that Andre Dillard obviously cut down Jordan Melata, who runs the left spot, and Lynne Johnson, who lines up on the right. However, the 26-year-old scored a 69.6 degrees with PFF Last season they gave up only one bag on 340 shots.

    Dillard has value with the Eagles as a high-quality backup, but he will provide more value for a team that needs a starting option on the left tackle and misses one in the draft.

    The Eagles are only in trouble to pay $3.9 million to a Washington State producer this season, so it’s not like his contract is an albatross. However, they have already turned down his option in the fifth year and he does not seem to take into account their long-term plans.

    Teams should be interested in trading in his favour, and Philadelphia should be interested in listening.

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    Dillard isn’t the only style the Eagles can break up with. They can save a million dollars by cutting Le’Raven Clark, which is not insignificant for a team that has $5 million in max space now.

    Clark was only used sparingly last season. He started once and appeared in four matches but only got PFF grade 61.1 On 74 frames.

    The 29-year-old hasn’t been a significant contributor since 2018 when he played 365 shots and only gave up Kissin on the Indianapolis Colts’ offensive line.

    At this point, Clarke showed what he is: a veteran tackle who can be serviced sooner. The problem is, the Eagles would be better off rolling with Dillard if that’s what they want, and Jack Driscoll could also be playing in question.

    At least the 25-year-old Driscoll still has the potential to improve and has the ability to play both guard and tackle.

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