Rudi Gobert Slams Skip Bayless for Commenting While Beef With Shaq

Is it just me or are people coming after Rudy Gobert more often than usual?

Although Joubert is a player of the same caliber he was when he was named the NBA Defensive Player of the Year three times, the hatred for the huge man grows louder and louder.

He didn’t go wrong with anything, and he’s equally dominant when we all agreed he was the best defensive player in the world. However, perhaps people will feel emboldened to ride on their high horse after the Utah Jazz were ousted from Joubert again early in the post-season.

The latest and bravest idea to criticize Joubert is Skip Bayless. The sports media personality was kind enough to take a break Own LeBron James To throw a cheap shot at Joubert.

Shaquille O’Neal’s criticism of Joubert is one thing. O’Neal has four championship rings, and he knows what it takes to take on the best players ever to play the Gobert Center. It’s another thing to hear this kind of bologna from Bayless.

The Bayless shot was rather boring, considering we hear the same kind of narration about Joubert shooting at him from every direction, but it was also inconsequential.

The modern president called Joubert’good defenderAnd I’m not sure why it’s an insult, but it doesn’t feel as offended as Bayliss intended it.

The winds of the center of Utah caught from the silly little Pele’s hustle, and he shot on Twitter.

Joubert said that only two people on earth are allowed to speak to him in this way, and Bayliss is not one of them. In another tweet, he also wondered if such people would talk to him if they were in the same room.

I expected that the answer to the question is a resounding no, definitely not.

With a length of 7 feet, 1, 7 feet, and 9 wingspan, Joubert is more than a foot taller than Bayles. Most likely, Bayless feels more comfortable talking like this in front of the camera than ever before in real life.

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