Scary Times for NCAA Calls for Desperate Diaries

Play nice, please,” the NCAA said in its recent note on the NIL.

Otherwise the NCAA will do what exactly? Form another working group of the subcommittee to talk about the good days when universities and their conferences dominated the professions of players rather than the players themselves in this new free market economy? College sports have never been a more accurate reflection of American idealism than they are at this moment in history, and all the NCAA can think of is trying to regulate it.

I’m going ahead and saying the silent part out loud. The black kids who built college football into a multibillion dollar industry, launched massive college enrollments to set records, suddenly went from making no money at all to making way for a lot of NIL groups and now the NCAA wants us all to believe this is going to be the thing that destroys college sports. .

If so, it will probably need to be shredded soon to rebuild it.

Why not build a system in which everyone shares the wealth equally? Because rich whites running malfeasance might have to pay taxes…or worse yet, take a pay cut.

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SEC Commissioner Greg Sankey and PAC 12 Commissioner George Kliavkov recently went to Washington as lobbyists on behalf of the NCAA. Please, beg Congress, to pass laws regulating name, image, and likeness. Please, somehow, save this fraudulent tax evasion for a system of the US Supreme Court.

And now that’s the latest sign that the NCAA as we know it is crumbling in on itself like a mud hut in the monsoon. On Monday, the NCAA released a letter announcing that the Division I Board of Directors came together for tequila drinks in Arizona and decided to classify NIL’s collective as “enhancers.”

In other words, the NCAA has reached the point where it makes things up as they are. The boosters, the toothless note, are the bad guys in all of this if they pay the players. Players are the victims, and they must be protected from…getting rich.

Only, here’s the thing, the NCAA can’t say they don’t want players to make money because that, according to the Supreme Court, would probably be against the law.

“Board members,” the NCAA statement read, affirmed their continued support for the ability of student-athletes to benefit from their name, image, and likeness. The guidance is intended to provide clarity to those who engage in the rapidly evolving NIL environment, recognizing that the environment will continue to evolve, and continued attention will be required to ensure that student-athletes are able to take advantage of these opportunities.”

All the NCAA needs to do is stand back and be happy that its never-ending folly has stumbled into a system in which the transfer of wealth from wealthy white people who love their universities can now transform the lives of the young black children in their schools. If the NCAA does anything at this point, the national nonprofit needs to build a new arm dedicated to teaching financial planning to the newly rich.

Does anyone remember the phrase “Rogue Booster?” Halcyon’s NCAA days, those were. That’s back when paying players was seen as a type of crime against humanity. Oh, the horror. The NCAA warned not to allow your kids to be around these evil boosters, or else they will pay cash for services rendered. Then California became a rogue state and summoned the NCAA in its scam.

The NCAA said in its memo that boosters are not allowed to recruit players, and they certainly aren’t allowed to pay recruits. or they?

Look, the NCAA doesn’t even know how to write a stern press release anymore. This last statement was not about enforcement or the rules. The NCAA referred to it as “Guidelines.” This is a lawyer because “we can’t enforce anything anymore or it can be used against us in an antitrust lawsuit.”

“The guidance was developed by a working group of national leaders with the opportunity for student-athletes at the forefront of discussions,” the statement read. “Specifically, mentoring is defined as supportive of any third-party entity that promotes an athletics program, and assists in recruiting or assisting in providing benefits to recruits, enrolled student-athletes, or members of their families.”

The universities represented by the NCAA in this latest note cannot come together and agree to fix the worst post-season in American sports, College Football Playoff. Guidance is nothing more than a desperate plea for help. Someone, please steer the NCAA off the cliff.

School officials call this era of NIL groups the Wild West as if that was some kind of bad thing. It’s just because they can’t control it. It’s an unregulated industry, sure, but doesn’t that make it more American than ever? Hollywood is built on films that glorify the Wild West for their uncensored American flair. The people of the United States could not get enough of it.

Let me tell you who is now controlling athletics in college. It’s the enhancers and their attorneys at one end of the graphic train and the sports agents on the other. Players have never had more power in the process because now they are finally starting to earn something for their value to the system.

These are scary days for the NCAA, but these universities seem to be asking for help from inside Fort Knox surrounded by bars of gold. Wicked boosters hand over their money to another bank.

Joseph Goodman Columnist For Alabama Media Group, author We Want Bama: A Season of Hope and the Making of Nick Saban’s Ultimate Team. You can find it on Twitter Tweet embed.

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