Shaquille O’Neal Doesn’t Back Off Ben Simmons’ Critical Comments

Shaquille O’Neal isn’t willing to apologize to Ben Simmons for doubting the seriousness of his back injury until he hears from the Nets goalkeeper.

O’Neal, who has been an outspoken critic of Simmons all season, recently I spoke to Taylor Rocks Bleacher Report about this subject.

“When you leave people room to speculate, they will make their own guesses,” O’Neill said.

“If I say something hurtful, maybe he should call me and say, ‘Hey, I said this. I’m smart enough to stop time and say, “Well, when did you say that?” And then I say, “You know what, that wasn’t right.”

O’Neill said a mixture of speculation and facts benefited his comment.

“But for now, we’re just continuing to speculate – and some facts, because I have some people where he is. So I know a lot and I see a lot. But he didn’t say why he’s not playing,” continued O’Neill.

Ben Simmons is seen preparing to warm up before the third game between the Nets and Celtics in April 2022.
Cory Sibkin for NY POST

Simmons missed the entire 2021-22 season. His story began in Philadelphia, where he demanded a trade-off in the latest season and then cited mental health issues for his absence from court.

The 25-year-old Simmons got his wish back in February, when he was traded to the Brooklyn Nets in a massive deal that sent James Harden to Philadelphia. Simmons did not return to court with a back injury and was selected to undergo surgery in early May, shortly after the Nets were swept away by the Celtics in the first round of the playoffs.

O’Neal had harshly criticized Simmons in April, when he was expected to return for a part of the Nets-Celtics series.

Ben Simmons appears on the bench during Game Three between Nets and Celtics in April 2022
Ben Simmons appears on the bench during Game Three between the Nets and Celtics in April 2022.
Cory Sibkin for NY POST

“In the cover we call this a hateful move,” O’Neill said during an issue of “Inside the NBA” on TNT.

“You know, when it’s going well, ‘Oh yeah, I’ll play in Game 4. Now that’s [the Nets] Lost, “My back hurts.” Well, if your back hurts, get a little Icy Hot. said O’Neill, who counts the pain-treatment product among his many endorsements.

Continue eviscerating Simmons.

“We call this a slut,” O’Neill said. “Listen, if you’re not ready to play, you’ll get more respect from people if you just say, ‘I’m not ready to play’ and don’t say anything else. Don’t shoot and say, ‘I’ll be back’… If you’re not going to play, don’t say That you’re going to play. I think you should play.”

“I think you have to take up the challenge and help your team win. But no, punk is moving… We all know what that is,” he continued. “Ballers know what this is… Guys who live this life, we know exactly what you’re doing my friend.”

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