Skull session: CJ Stroud has all the pre-season hype, the Big Ten can go without splitting, Ohio State transfer gate use comparison

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All the fuss. When you take a step back, it’s almost inconceivable how quickly CJ Stroud has ignited the world of college football.

I mean, this time last year, Stroud wasn’t even close to calling it an Ohio starter. Shit, back in August, my good friend Colin wrote an article seriously suggesting that Queen Ewers could earn a starting job.

And after he won the job and the season started, you had a solid month of people calling to get him on the bench, and then another month of people complaining that he didn’t run enough.

Then, all of a sudden, he was magically Heisman’s front-runner up to the Michigan game, wrapping up the season with an impressive single-passing performance in program history, and is now a QB1 consensus in the draft class next year with people saying things like this about him pre-season:

College football is a fickle beast. But at least the hype is a hell of a lot more fun – provided he can live up to that.

Goodbye splits? The Big Ten is said to have been looking into moving from the divisions to the round robin, and it looks like we’re one step closer to that being actually possible.

Fans who miss seeing old rivals play or hate seeing the same few teams appear so frequently at conference tournaments have cause for excitement. College football is a step closer to seeing some conferences eliminate divisions and form new formats to determine who plays in a conference championship game.

Currently, the conference must play a full round robin schedule for a championship game if it doesn’t have two divisions, as the Big 12 teams have done since 2017.)

But on April 28, the NCAA Football Oversight Committee recommended to the Division I board that it rescind the requirement to hold a conference championship game and exempt it from the maximum number of matches. The recommendation, which is not official but is expected to be approved by the board later this month, will allow conferences to freely decide who is competing in the conference championship match.

Personally, I love this, because it will automatically make the Big Ten a more competitive title, and you won’t have a situation like 2016 (or last year, for that matter) where it’s the third or fourth best team in the conference playing in a championship match.

Although I would miss that annual CV against Wisconsin. We’ll always have Badger friends to thank for shooting the Buckeyes in the 2014 national title.

Portal software. You won’t actually find many college football charts or charts where Ohio State is decidedly average, but when it comes to the transfer portal, that’s exactly where the Buckeyes are.

This is perfectly in line with Ryan Day’s “meh” approach to the portal – “If the fit is right, we’ll do it, but we’ll focus on the guys on our team first.”

I respect that approach, but I have to admit that it pains me to see Alabama look pretty good in pretty much every one of those charts. It will happen when you welcome the top three transfer players in the country each year without blinking an eye.

Fallen Buckeye. The Ohio community suffered a loss as former Ohio State football captain Amy Griff Van Collen lost her battle with lymphoma last week at the age of 35.

Amy was a four-year lettering winner from 2005 to 2008 and captained the team in 2008. She played in 44 games with 14 games. She was four times a mathematical researcher at Ohio State University and has her degrees in psychology as well as minors in women’s studies and legal foundations.

“It was an honor to be Amy’s coach and to play a part in her development,” said Laurie Walker-Hawke, head coach. “Amy has been a role model for hard work, personal growth and a commitment to excellence in her four years as a member of Buckeye. Amy was a fighter with an even stronger character. She was loved and respected by all of her teammates. We are all shocked to lose such a beautiful young mother, wife, daughter, and friend.” , and the lawyer, and the captain, and Buckeye are forever. We all love and miss you, Amy!”

After working at Buckeye, Amy earned her law degree from Capital University and practiced law in the Columbus area. She and husband Todd have two beautiful children, Kylie and David.

Prayers for Amy’s friends and family.

I didn’t know her, but I got a ton of emails in my inbox yesterday telling me how amazing she is as a mother, friend, and human being. The world seems less bright now.

Today’s song. “Just Like Heaven” from The Cure.

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