St. Louis Cardinals player and staff have tested positive for COVID

Louis Cardinals received a stark reminder of the continuing challenges of playing baseball amid a pandemic when at least five members of their traveling team returned with positive COVID-19 test results Tuesday morning in Kansas City.

Baseball’s chief of operations, John Mozilac, said one player and four employees have tested positive for the virus. Three of the staff were part of the team’s medical staff; One works as a host in a club.

The player who tested positive asked not to be identified. Shortstop Edmundo Sosa was placed on the list of infected without identification, and the official Twitter account of Team Cardinals originally tweeted that he was placed on COVID IL before this post was deleted.

John Muziliak, president of baseball operations for the St. Louis Cardinals, was seen playing baseball at Busch Stadium in the summer of 2020. On Tuesday, Muziliak said that one player and four employees have tested positive for the coronavirus. Jeff Roberson AP

Memphis’s Juan Yepes has been called to replace Sosa on the active roster, but he was not expected to arrive in Kansas City in time for Tuesday’s game.

The team refused to identify any of the employees who tested positive for the virus.

The MLB testing system for COVID-19 requires tests only if symptoms appear. The relevant staff have alerted the team after traveling to Kansas City, and the staff will be temporarily replaced by other team staff en route from St. Louis.

In order to obtain clearance to return to the active roster, the player must be asymptomatic for three days and return two negative test results. The timing of a positive test this morning means the player in question will not be able to join the club on his current road trip, which continues to San Francisco from Kansas City.

Moziliak said the club was still waiting for the results of one test, but declined to comment on whether the test was for a player or employee. All players on the active roster were seen at the club or on the field at Kauffman Stadium on Tuesday afternoon.

Director Oliver Marmol said Yadier Molina had some symptoms of congestion as well, but it tested negative for the coronavirus. Molina was initially in the squad but was later replaced by Andrew Kneisner. Additional rest was called for, in part, due to the first pitch being moved Wednesday from 6:10 p.m. to 12:10 p.m. due to approaching weather.

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