Texas Rangers Series: Houston Astros preview

On the first round of the Silver Boot series, I spoke with Brett, HtownWheelhouseco-hosted Locked on Astros Podcast and Owner/Editing Director Strauss 411.

What are the team’s expectations for the season and how has that changed after the matches they have played so far?

My expectations for entering this team were to return to the string of words. Justin Verlander is back and a very strong squad.

The only thing that may change so far is the issue of the offense. However, the stagnation crimes mentioned especially in this case do not last long.

With that, I think they are still on the right track to be one of the best teams to get past the ALCS.

Which Astros player(s) should be on everyone’s radar to watch?

Jeremy Pena, Luis Garcia and Rafael Monteiro.

Most people would say Bregman Walker, but I went with less obvious players because those players will have an impact that in my view will not be appreciated when the season is over.

How has the organization/team changed, for good or bad, since losing some of the players who were part of the Astros showdown, like George Springer and Carlos Correa?

The team definitely got a hit, and in my opinion to say otherwise I think it’s dishonest. I really think it’s hard for a team to lose so many key players like the Astros in Keuchel, Morton, Springer, Correa and a few others and maintain the success.

One thing this team has done is they’ve remained competitive year after year. That’s what makes this Astros era of baseball so special. They go on to win, lose a man, replace him with an under-the-radar rookie, boom, you have another ALCS look.

So in the end, this team was created to move forward if the players chose to leave.

Based on the small sample size of games so far and the standings of their divisions currently, do you think the Rangers and Astros could renew the rivalry this season so that it is more competitive than one-sided as it has been in the past 5-6 years?

The rivalry between the two clubs is not more interesting [ones] Here’s why I say this.

Clubs have rarely been good at the same time.

A lot of Texas was hot, Houston is not, and conversely, Houston is hot, Texas is not. (These statements are not about the weather, because we all know that this whole condition can overheat.)

I think fans love her, she continues the Houston vs. Dallas game between friends and old college roommates. It has a silver boot attached to it, which is kind of a nuance but if both teams are competing like in 2016, the rivalry becomes more important. To answer your question, I think it could be a big question, but both teams have to shoot all cylinders to get the attention of the other MLB competitors.

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