The coach resigns after 16 games

What happened on April 27 in the history of the New York Rangers

On this date in 1987, Tom Webster made it official, and was resigning as head coach of the New York Rangers. In doing so, he ended a turbulent year that should go down in the record books as the most adversity-filled training gig in Rangers history, if not the NHL.

Webster was appointed head coach 19 games into the season, when general manager Phil Esposito dismissed Ted Sator. After just five matches as a coach, he was diagnosed with an inner ear disease that made it impossible for him to fly. He underwent surgery on his ear in December, leaving coaching duties to his assistants Ed Giaccomin and Wayne Cashman.

After the surgery, he could travel, but not by air, so Esposito with Giacomin and Cashman split road training duties with Webster coaching matches on his home ground. He was finally able to join the team on the road and coached two games in Los Angeles and Vancouver before falling ill again. He took a train to New York and Esposito took over full-time coaching duties for the rest of the season.

Webster, 38, ended up coaching the team in just 16 games with a 5-7-4 record. He later managed to become a coach for the Los Angeles Kings for three seasons without any ear problems.

Webster’s inability to stay healthy meant Esposito was looking for a new coach and he went from bad to worse when he hired Michel Bergeron from Quebec, at the expense of the first-round draft. Bergeron had no health problems, but he lasted less than two seasons.

Rangers picked first place overall

On this date in 1965, Rangers were the number one pick in the NHL amateur competition. It was their chance to have the best unadulterated or uncertified young hockey player in the world. With the Rangers selected… Andres Filho.

from? Andre Veilleux was the Montreal Rangers’ right winger, and despite being the number one pick, he never played professional hockey. why? In 1965 it was called the NHL Amateur Draft and the rules were very different. For the first time, players must be 18 to be eligible, rather than 16. After the NHL teams made their selections, the AHL, WHL, and CHL were allowed to choose any remaining players.

Due to the change in age eligibility, the best young players in previous years have already been selected or already sponsored. Future NHLers like Ken Dryden, Pete Mahofflish, Tim Ecclestone, Walt McKinney, Gary Monahan, Jerry Meehan and Seal Apps are already gone.

In fact, the 1965 draft was deemed so poor that only 11 players were selected by NHL teams, compared to 24 the year before. It was so bad, the Toronto Maple Leafs didn’t pick anyone. Of course, this would be the year the Rangers got their first overall pick.

They won’t get the top pick again for 55 years until 2020 when they won the lottery and picked Alexis Lafrenière.

birthdays today

27 NHL players were born on April 27 including only two unknown blue jerseys.

Jeff Olmer He was born on this date in 1977 in Wilcox, Saskatchewan. His NHL career lasted 21 games in 2001 when the right winger reached the Rangers. Signed by Blueshirts of North Dakota as a free, unformulated agent. He scored three goals in those 21 matches and spent the rest of his career in Europe.

Fern Iris The defenseman was born on this date in 1909 in Toronto, Ontario. He had a six-year career in the National Hockey League, finishing with 28 games for the Rangers in 1935-36. He also played for the New York Americans, the Montreal Maroons, and the St. Louis Eagles.


Rangers have won each of the regular season games held on April 27, including a 3-1 win over the Cypresses last season. In the playoffs they won three games and lost five games with a 3-2 overtime loss to the Black Hawks in Game Five of the Stanley Cup semi-finals. Chicago gave a 3-2 lead in that series.

Play-offs: 8
Wins: 3
Losses: 3
Overtime losses: 2
Winning percentage: 38%

Regular Season Matches: 2
Organization wins: 2
Regulation losses: 0
Points Percentage: 1.000

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