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Insiders, how many hours in a typical day do you “care” What trusted news outlets (other than click-through sites) are reporting packets?

The better question is how many hours are we not. Aside from sleeping, almost never. occupational hazards.

Neil from Tunbridge Wells, UK

A bit frustrating to see the Dallas game is not a Monday night game. your thoughts.

The league gives networks that spend billions of dollars broadcasting games on television some priority choices in the scheduling process. Clearly, FOX put McCarthy’s return to Lambeau high on their list of priorities, if not high on the list. I expect the Packers to have a lot of night games regardless.

Other professional wrestlers with the Packers links are Dick “The Bruiser” Affles who played for four years as a guard, tackle and defensive line. It’s worth noting that Fern Janney played three exhibition games in 1949. He may have made the team but there was a disagreement with the Bears family over who owned the rights to it.

Dozens of you mentioned your priest. I’m not familiar with Janie’s story.

Christian Watson is my favorite pick in the draft, and by no means do I wish the packages would have taken someone else, but Watson never had to deal with the cold Green Bay. He grew up in Tampa and played indoors at NDSU. I just want to know how you think he’ll fare in Snow Lambo.

It’s hard for any college player to prepare for the upper Midwest in December and January when there are almost no college seasons that include outdoor games in northern climates at the time. But if you look at NDSU’s schedules, the program played a lot of outdoor games in Midwest states in November (plus March in the COVID delay season).

Chase from Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri

Good morning team. I wonder what the national narrative would be if the Packers had traded as many as 32 to draft Christian Watson.

Michael from Santa Cruz, California

I’ve seen a lot of subsequent speculation regarding the WR Chamber for the upcoming season. It often includes assumptions about some players returning to the roster again. With the addition of three high-potential starters and the importance of the special teams contributions of those closest to the cutting line, are we headed for a surprise (or even two) on that group’s final downtime day?

With a new system, so to speak, in charge of special teams, some unexpected menu decisions could be in store at the recipient plus another position or two.

I think locking defense which creates additional shifts and possessions to the attack gives your QB more freedom, which creates the exact opposite scenario from the game manager. If special teams rise to a certain level, we may see a team that can win in any number of ways. The game manager looks like a guy trying not to lose the game for you. Aaron Rodgers is not.

This was basically my view, although I acknowledge that there are different definitions of “game manager”, and not specifying what exactly is meant generates different perceptions.

Matthews from San Antonio, Texas

Football movies of the sports genre are hard to find a good story with appropriate and realistic dialogue. “We Are Marshall” had a lot of potential but missed a lot of the story. As much as I appreciate Remembering the Titans I never watched it again. One underrated movie that can be rewatched as a comedy and historical fiction with realistic elements and a fun crew: Leatherhead. In the end, baseball wins over the sports genre, but is there a football movie that you think is re-watchable?

I think Remembering the Titans is definitely worth a second look, and Wes will say “Draft Day” all day and every day. But in terms of choosing an underrated football movie — and I’m not saying it’s the greatest movie ever made or anything else — I don’t think Invincible is underrated.

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