Today’s NBA Prop Best Bets (Steve Curry, Brooke Lopez among the players in the back)

The BetSided team shares player props for this NBA season, sharing our picks and best prop bets for each day of the year.

Here are the plays we’re looking forward to on tonight’s roster with all possibilities via WynnBET:

Stephen Curry made 5+ 3 heads (+145)

The last time I backed this brace, Steve Curry came up short. However, I will return to the well. I’ve never seen Warriors shoot as badly as they did in Game 4 and Carrey was a major part of that.

With a chance to close the Grizzlies tonight and get some extra rest, I expect Curry to deliver a great game. Curry hit this mark in Game 1, where it was 5-12. He will always get the volume and the extra money, I will always go back to Carrie for a good game of depth. – Donovan Smoot

Dillon Brooks under 27.5 points, rebounds and assists (-120)

Volume will be there for Dillon Brooks in Game 5, but I can’t stand behind him to get past that number given his struggles with a shootout in the playoffs.

Brooks was only 5 for 19 in Game 4, and finished with 25 PRA. He only cleared that number in one game this post-season, and needed to score 24 points to do so.

The Warriors defended Brooks well, and I think that number is still a bit high given the lack of secondary stats he gave. – Peter Dewey

Desmond Payne under 16.5 points (+100)

Desmond Bunny clearly had a back problem and watched his props fall back off the game. While the conventional wisdom says he will not only play better at home but also get more shots with Ja Morant out, this is likely not the case. Bane averaged 9.5 points in the series and only took eight shots in Game 4 with Morant out.

For the series, he averaged 8.75 field goal attempts and took more than five three-pointers once after doing so every time except once in the first series. Bane can’t move well with his massive back and the warriors are now intent on stopping him.

That total is still pretty high as Bane hit double digits once this string and I’ll continue to let the knife fall on Bane’s take out. – Red Wallach

Brooke Lopez over 5.5 rebounds (-130)

Continuity of climbing is on Brock Lopez’s bounces, so I hop on board before it gets too far out of my reach.

He averaged more than eight rebounds per game, hitting more in all four games in the series.

Also, as Daily Fantasy analyst Sal Vitry points out, Lopez not only saw a slew of opportunities to drop a basketball, but his 53% of his chances of rebounding are indisputable. He’s basically alone when he’s looking to smash plates more than half the time!

This might be my favorite chance on the series tonight, and until the odds makers raise the number, I’ll keep hitting it. – Ben Hessler

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