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There has been a lot of news regarding South Carolina and college athletics in general over the past 24 hours. Some are good. Some are not good. Either way, the Inside the Gamecocks Podcast is back on a more frequent schedule here on May 10, 2022.

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Here’s a glimpse at some of today’s topics…

The NCAA announced new name, image, and likeness guidelines for member schools on Monday. The reactions were met with a few yawns, some outright hostility and mostly group laughter (no pun intended). There is a lot of irony in the advertising from the governing body of college athletics currently, right down to the people pushing the new guidelines publicly. Chances are, this thing will end up in a class action lawsuit as the entire model gets blown to bits. I discuss the details and give some very oriented thoughts on the situation. Plus an update on Carolina Rise, the fledgling NIL group.

-At the same time, it appears South Carolina is about to stop its no-items law. This would actually be very positive for the Gamecocks athletics department, fan base and ability to compete with the programs (Southeastern Conference, Clemson etc in the “neighborhood) that it needs to compete year on year in all areas. There is a certain learning curve with all this and allowing the university itself more From the interaction on the topic serves the whole process. That’s a good thing going on in State House. There’s one that’s potentially very bad…

– According to reports, the South Carolina Senate (Senator Brad Hutto) decided to cancel the bill to restructure the University of South Carolina Board of Trustees. If this proves true, it is the worst kind of politics. Not only did he not comply with the will of the majority of the people she represented (the House passed a reasonable restructuring bill, 112-1, which is essentially a red-haired representative with moral accusations against him), the good old, selfish boy regime that made a huge impact at Southern University California for generations. Besides all of that, retaining members of the toxic board of trustees in their current positions is unusual. It is not a matter of opinion (except for those with self-serving interests) that things need to change. The prospect of one person holding the whole thing down is not only sad, it ranks among the dumbest decisions in the history of state government. There is no logical reason why this might happen. We hear it may still be upvoted (after recording the podcast), but the fact that this attempt was made is awful.

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