VYPE HOU Public School Boys Soccer Player of the Year Fan Poll Presented by Sun & Ski Sports

It’s regional tournament time, so let’s take a look at who will advance to the regional semi-tournaments next week.

Katie vs. Cinco Ranch

Tigers completely destroy baseball. How about this for a number? Katie beat her opponents in PLAYOFF by 43-5. Cinco Ranch will be the next to feel Katie’s wrath. In their meeting, Katie defeated Cinco with a score of 24-2.

prediction: Tigers bomb cougars in a sweep

pure springs vs pearl

Two words – Emma Stroud. LSU-Signee once again dominates as a senior on the hill and on the board for Clear Springs. Chargers can demoralize teams. See: Anna Souls, Claire Pollack, Emma King and Erin Bullett. This is a killer row. This would create a huge semi-regional against Katie.

prediction: Tigers Play Chargers are shipped next week

Seven Lakes opposite George’s Farm

Who will blink first? Both teams have first-year head coaches for their own programs and their teams haven’t been here in years. Seven Lakes play in a tougher zone day and night, but Ranch has a more balanced squad. The wild card is super expert Amy Epke, who wasn’t open to hill for Spartans.

prediction: The Seven Lakes are hot and you will advance with Ebki leading the way


Don’t sleep in a deer park. Defending state heroes roll again quietly. Deer are 3–35 years old per season and are basically healthy on the board and in the field.

Deer Park Madison Applebe jug is the leader of the group. Brazoswood counters with Taylor Meyer on board and Peyton Tanner on the hill.

prediction: Deer Park remains the Queens of South Houston


sister sister. Woodlands had to come back from 0-1 to send Langham Creek off in three games. The hikers lead sisters Saylor Davis and Chesney Davis on the hill and Alannah and Gabby Leach on the board. Interesting note… Grand Oaks swept up the heights in the neighborhood play. So, what does it give?

prediction: It’s hard to beat a team three times in one season, but the Grand Oaks will qualify

Bridgeland vs. Cyprus Farm

The Bears swept the Stangs into the playing area, making 30-6 overall and 13-1 in the area. Haylie Stum is the straw that moves the drink in the plate. Lilli Piersons can get the ball out of the park at any time. Sidney Jackson and McKenzie Jenkins are working on Bridgeland pitching staff dock.For Cypress Ranch, Molly Yoo is now red hot on the hill and in the batter box.The left can play anywhere on the field and sprinkle the ball all over the lawn.

prediction: Bridgeland beats Ranch in 3 matches

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