Yankees, Mets, great start

On Tuesday night, the New York Mets beat the Washington Nationals 4-2. The New York Yankees were more excited, but beat the Toronto Blue Jays in Aaron Judge’s home run.

It’s just over a month into the season and it’s becoming common to see both teams in New York win. The Yankees and Mets hold the number one spot in their divisions and have the first and third best records in MLB, respectively. Only the Los Angeles Dodgers, another high-profile team, broke into the top three.

Betting became legal in New York in January, so this is the first season that bettors can legally bet on the Yankees and Mets within the state. good timing.

Yankees, Mets in first place

Fans of the Mets and Yankees who love to bet on their team have had an amazing few weeks.

The Mets are 21-10 and has already made seven games in the NL East. The Yankees are 21-8 and four games in the East. This success has translated into a winning bet as well.

In the Covers.com ranking that tracks how much money a team won or lost to bookmakers during the season, the Mets made the second-most money after the surprise Arizona Diamondbacks. They won $662 to a bettor who put $100 on each game. The Yankees, despite being a favorite in most games, bring in a profit of $428 for the $100 bettor. He is the fourth best player in MLB.

Both teams came into the season with high expectations. The Yankees were expected to be one of the best teams in baseball because they are the Yankees. The Mets went on a spending spree, adding Max Scherzer and Starling Marte among others. This raised them. Both teams are often favored to win, and they keep cashing out tickets.

It’s not so crazy that you start wondering if we can get another Subway series in October.

Aaron Judge of the New York Yankees hit a home run to beat the Toronto Blue Jays on Wednesday. (AP Photo/Frank Franklin II)

New York teams are among the favorites in the World Championships

The Dodgers are still the favorites to win it all at BetMGM. Their World Championship odds are +500.

There are three teams behind the Dodgers at +800 and two of them are from New York. The Yankees, Mets, and Toronto Blue Jays are next. All others are +1000 and longer.

The Mets are an interesting case because they are 21-10 without the best pitcher (when he’s healthy) in baseball. If Jacob deGrom comes back and stays healthy through October, without losing anything from the stress reaction on his right scapula, the Mets will be better.

The Yankees are a good overall team. Their ERA team is second in the MLB. Their operations on the offensive are the fourth. They are Yankees. They will be added at the trade deadline.

The Dodgers are great and there are other teams in every league that play really well. But the story of MLB’s early season – perhaps other than the dead ball he suppressed at home – is the early dominance of the New York teams.

If it continues into the summer, you’ll hear a lot more about it. But bettors at least can take advantage of that.

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