A bat shot of Vladimir Guerrero Jr. shows current trends for Blue Jays and Yankees

Evidence for the different trends the Toronto Blue Jays and New York Yankees are currently experiencing may have been revealed with the reaction of Vladimir Guerrero Jr.

Directing the events of August 9, 1993 when he hit Bo Jackson against Bobby Waite of Oakland (the father of a rookie royal member) and took his racket audibly up his leg, Guerrero did something similar when he hit to finish the fifth game against Jameson Tellon.

While Jackson’s racquet upset occurred in a game that the White Sox won and topped 3 1/2 games in the AL West during the final year of the two-section era, Guerrero’s show of strength with his racquet occurred during a frustrating streak for the Blue Jays.

After a heavy blow to Guerrero’s racket, he reached the final of a match that saw two AL East teams on different lines. When Guerrero went out, the Blue Jays were on the losing end for the ninth time in 14 matches, capping a streak where Yusei Kikuchi lost an unsuccessful show on Tuesday and two of their three expulsions occurred after about 15 minutes.

Meanwhile, Wednesday saw their 15th win in 17 games, a six-game increase over the Blue Jays, the modern-day pick to win the East and the same team that dominated the Yankees by 25-8 last September in four games. .

So far, the Yankees are 6-3 in the season series and could be 7-2 since they left the bases loaded last week against Jordan Romano, who also dumped giants Aaron Judge at the end of the game by three games on Tuesday.

Thirty games is a little higher than a small sample but probably doesn’t predict how the rest of the season will go. At this point, the Yankees’ age is 22-8, their best record at this point since 2003 when they were 23-7 and eventually won 101 times while also enduring 21 losses in 34 games that culminated in the Houston Astros using six pitchers. Throw not hitter.

However, what the Yankees show is a more diverse team despite the majority of their runs being scored via home runs. They did well at various points during last season’s 92 wins but this year it’s been even better.

Also better is Torres, who is starting to show glimpses from his first two seasons, especially against the Blue Jays. He drove in all five runs on Wednesday and last week had an RBI green light generated by a stolen base, something the Yankees have owned 17 of so far.

Up until this point in the season, we’ve won in a lot of different ways, said manager Aaron Boone. “It was throwing and defending, maybe some days basic play.

“It was great that it came in so many different ways. I think that built a lot of confidence in that room that we know, we don’t have to rely on one thing on a particular night. We have a lot of different ways to get over you.”

The Blue Jays have seen numerous ways how to beat the Yankees by going 1 for 13 with runners in the scoring center in the series against a team whose crew allows their share by an average of 0.216 with the runners in the scoring position thus far.

“I know we have the hitters to do that,” Toronto coach Charlie Montoyo told reporters. “We don’t do that now.”

They failed to add after Luis Severino faltered early Tuesday before finding himself and when it looked like he had Michael King on the ropes, Guerrero entered a double-final match against Clay Holmes, who a year ago was in Pittsburgh and is now playing on the ground. . Ball rate 81.1 percent.

The Yankee’s latest win occurred hours after Brian Cashman met with reporters to discuss various things such as Judge’s contract extension talks that collapsed last month. He also spoke in a cautious tone about a quick start after the season ended as all the major free agents signed elsewhere.

“We always felt we had good players,” Cashman said. “We always felt we had a really good team capacity. Now is the time to test these theories, and so far in the first part of our season it is going well.”

It was the same tune that Boone took hours later, but caution about a strong start during 30 games is much better than going through an average period.

“I’d warn we’re 30 games into this,” Boone said. “I feel like we’re strong in every area — and maybe even more complete than in previous years. I guess [we’re] The whole package – we really feel like we can win the game in a lot of different ways.”

Just ask the Blue Jays, who experienced the same frustration as the Yankees last September when these teams met at Yankee Stadium

“I think what’s missing out on a lot of people is that we’ve played so long and played some very good teams,” Toronto leader George Springer told reporters. “We’ve had a few close matches, we’ve had a lot of mind-draining games and body-draining games. That’s not an excuse for not doing what we expect to do as a team, but it does happen. We’ve played 30 out of 31 days to start the year against really good teams. It’s hard to do so.”

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