Another 2024 QB to know, plus a new show

Julian Sign is another recruit for the 2024 quarterback that Michigan football fans need to know about, as well as a new showing at the center in the 2025 class.

Quarterback recruitment is a hot topic for Michigan football fans right now as the Wolverines chase a pair of five-star recruits into the position – Dante Moore and CJ Carr.

Moore is from Detroit and is ranked by rankings as the best overall prospect in 2023, as well as 4th place in QB.

Carr, grandson of former Michigan football coach Lloyd Carr, who led the Wolverines to a national title in 1997, ranks 23rd in the 2024 class according to On3, as well as fifth among QBs.

The Wolverines are Carr’s crystal ball leader and also have the strongest chance of landing him according to prediction machine On3, which gives UM a 55 percent chance compared to 42 percent at Notre Dame, which recently got its own crystal ball.

As much as Dante Moore has been to Oregon recently, the ducks are heading into employment, as is Texas A&M. Moore said last week that he would be visiting the Aggies, which is yet another reason to be concerned about his enlistment.

In the midst of it all, Michigan QB football coach Matt Weiss was in California to visit another of QB’s top 2024 class goals, Julian Sign. This was according to a report from EJ Holland of The Wolverine (subscription required).

SaiN is ranked 13th overall in the 2024 category according to On3 rankings. He also ranks third among quarterbacks and is out of Carlsbad, California. At 6 feet 1, 185 pounds, he is targeted by Notre Dame, USC, UCLA, Georiga, Florida and many more.

However, Sain made an unofficial visit to Michigan football in April, which was a good sign and Weiss was working to build that relationship.

At the same time, I would personally like to see any time Vice has to make an investment in Carr and/or Moore. Michigan is still in the mix for Moore, but even if the Wolverines decide to pull out there, they should invest their time in Carr.

I understand Sayin ranks higher and shows interest. However, now that Dylan Raiola has just committed to Ohio State, USC will likely become an even more player in his recruiting.

Florida and Georgia also need elite QBs in 2024, especially if Dawgs miss out on Arch Manning. And the NIL factor is always a concern for Michigan which is why at the end of the day UM has a better chance with Carr than Sayin, at least in my opinion.

The last crystal ball that Carr gave to Notre Dame showed that the Irish were giving him a kind of love not in Michigan and that Weiss’ move was baffling.

Carr needs to feel loved and with the hiring of Moore gone, all Michigan eggs should be in Carr’s basket, rather than leaving him wondering if he really is the top priority in the position.

It sounds simple, but with a pair of five-star QBs on their own in back-to-back seasons, the Wolverines seem to be doing their best to screw it up.

New QB Show in 2025

We’ll soon be talking about quarterbacks in the 2025 class, and while Michigan football has already extended some performances in the center, another one this week came out to Bear Bachmeier.

Bachmeier is out of Murrieta, California, and soccer in Michigan is her second FBS-level program after Boise State.

The 6-foot-2, 205-pound prospect announced the show on his Twitter account earlier this week and will be a name to watch with Ryan Montgomery, possibly the top target in the center early in the 2025 class of Wolverine.

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