Anthony Davis has traded the Hawks in a proposed potential Lakers deal

The Los Angeles Lakers will be active this season in improving the team in any way they can. One of the ideas fans are talking about this season is the possibility of trading purple and gold away from Anthony Davis.

While Davis is one of the most talented players in the league, he hasn’t been able to stay healthy with the Lakers and this has been a major reason why the Lakers have failed in each of the past two seasons.

If the team has legitimate concerns about Davis’ health as he gets older, you can’t at least blame them for shopping for him and seeing what they can get on the open market. Having another big elite with a slightly lower ceiling but more durability would be the best case scenario but the best case scenario rarely happens.

Bleacher Report’s Greg Swartz recently put together one new commercial package for all 30 teams in the NBA and came up with a commercial package that would see the Lakers get a promising big man in return.

Trade package as follows:

Lakers get

John Collins

Kevin Huerter

2023 first (top five protected)

Does this Anthony Davis deal make sense for the Los Angeles Lakers?

While John Collins is a promising young striker with some untapped potential, the Lakers are sure to get the short end of the stick in this trade. Collins may have untapped potential as a major league leader, but he will never reach the level that Davis is currently at in the league.

If the Lakers were in a different situation and it was the best trade offer the team got for Davis, making that kind of trade wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world. However, the Lakers still cling to the small championship window they own and trade for This is amazing package now meaningless.

The Lakers should get a star player in return and it has to be someone they believe could be the second-best player on a title-winning team. Collins is not because he is the second best player on a team that hasn’t been able to get out of the first round this season.

Yes, from a value standpoint, Anthony Davis may be less valuable now than he was in his career, but that doesn’t mean the Lakers would accept an offer like that. L.A. is better off once he seizes the chance hoping Davis can simply stay healthy next season and beyond.

the only Maybe The reality the Lakers could enjoy a deal like is if the team trades LeBron James and commits to rebuilding, which frankly might be the best thing the Lakers can do in the long run if they can’t trade Russell Westbrook.

However, we know Jenny Boss would never commit to doing this.

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