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Five free agents remaining that the Bears can target to complete a roster that originally appeared on NBC Sports Chicago

The Bears made some moves on Wednesday, signing quarterback Nathan Peterman and calling for the end of Raison Johnson’s court.

But Chicago still has money to work with if General Manager Ryan Bowles wants to add a few pieces to the list. According to OverTheCap, the bears have about $16 million in cover space as we head towards OTAs.

The market isn’t full of free agent talent, but there are several veterans available that can help Chicago find a more competitive roster in 2022.

Here are five free customers left that Bears can target to finish their list.

Odell Beckham Jr.
OBJ will likely remain in Los Angeles to rehab and sign a deal with Rams. But the Bears need help and dynamic talents like Beckham rarely hit the market, so it might be in the Bears’ best interest to offer him a multi-year deal and play the long game.

JC sequin
The bears’ offensive streak looks shaky at best as we head into summer. Lucas Patrick’s off-season signing was strong, but the addition of Tretter, who has been one of the top centers in the NFL for the past five seasons, will allow Patrick to kick to the right guard, currently a black hole for the Bears.

The main question with Tretter revolves around his health. Although he didn’t miss a game last season, he rarely trains due to knee and ankle injuries. But if he’s healthy, the Bears could benefit from adding him to an attacking line that needs to keep Justin Fields clean in 2022.

Will Fuller
It’s possible that Beckham and Jarvis Landry will not come to Chicago. But what about Fuller?

The Notre Dame producer comes in with a two-game hiatus with the Miami Dolphins due to a finger injury, a PED suspension and personal issues. But when he’s healthy, he’s one of the fastest receivers in the NFL and can be had at a discount as he looks to recover from around 2021.

Justin Houston
Houston, 33, had 4.5 bags and 17 goals last season for the Baltimore Ravens. While his staff numbers have declined in each of the past two seasons, he still manages to put pressure on the midfielder. Houston is also familiar with the Eberfels system, having played with it for two seasons with the Colts.

The Ravens placed Houston’s unrestricted free-agent tender, which means that if another team signs him before July 22 or the first day of training camp, his signature is part of the NFL’s compensatory formula.

Houston could be an option once bootcamp starts.

Sheldon Richardson
You can never have too many Inner Defensive Line guys.

While Richardson, 31, is closer to the end of his career than the beginning, he still gives you productive shots every week.
Last season, Richardson scored 37 pressings (22 wheels, 11 hits, four sacks) in 468 swipes.

He can give the bears another much-needed inside pass.


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