Bengals or chargers? Ranking of the five most horrific crimes in the NFL

with the NFL Project Stable and free agency away in the rearview mirror, NFL The rosters are mostly set for the upcoming season.

Offseason action featured movement on the offensive side of the ball, shaking some of the best units across the league. So, which team in the NFL has the scariest fright in the 2022 campaign? “You speak for yourself” Shared hosts Emmanuel Ako And Marcellus Wiley Disclosure of their personal lists.

Chargers, Bengals and bills top the 5 scariest violations in the NFL

Chargers, Bengals and bills top the 5 scariest violations in the NFL

Marcellus Wiley and Emmanuel Acho have assessed the five most feared offensive units heading into next season, including the Buffalo Bills led by Josh Allen, the Kansas City Chiefs led by Patrick Mahomes, and the Dallas Cowboys.

Let’s get into it.

Cowboys in Dallas

Rank: No. 5 (Wiley)

Wiley’s thoughts: “They’ve gone from one to five. That’s as much as you can bring down the Cowboys, unless you think Amari Cooper is the whole offense. Yes, they’re going to take a hit, but CeeDee Lamb, let’s keep seeing his growth. Dak Prescott, keep seeing his evolution. .Finally over the hump, Cowboys. At least you’ll come up with some points.”

Philadelphia Eagles

Rank: In the. 5 (I think)

Aku Ideas: “A lot of people might laugh at it but as an NFL defender I’m going to open your mind up a little bit. Imagine that outside you have AJ Brown, that’s one thing. On the other side you have Heisman Award winner DeVonta Smith, that’s another. And when you run, You have Miles Sanders, an explosive playmaker. And at the tight end you still have Dallas Guedert, a 6-foot-5 cat who can run. But here’s the real problem: In the quarterback you have a sore Jalen. Now, Galen Hurts doesn’t frighten anyone. Defending with his mind, he also doesn’t frighten people with his arm.But remember, only six quarterbacks in NFL history. [have recorded] 3000 passing yards, 780 rushing yards. …when you talk about a frightening crime, you have to think about what the crime can do to you. How can crime inflict pain on you? If you’re worried about Brown, if you’re worried about Smith, you should also keep in mind that Galen Hurts is keeping it to himself.”

Kansas City Chiefs

Rank: No. 4 (Ako, Wiley)

Wiley’s thoughts: “Terrick Hill isn’t in the building, but I still believe in the Andy Reed system, and the fact that last year we saw Patrick Mahomes throw a touchdown card to 11 different receivers. Patrick Mahomes is going to spread that thing a little differently this year because you don’t have that guy who heads up the defense.” “.

Arizona Cardinals

Rank: No. 3 (Wiley)

Wiley’s thoughts: “I forgot, if Kyler Murray stays healthy, these Cardinals are going to be special. They’ve scored 30 or more points in seven different games, you have to respect it. They are unbeaten before injuries start taking them out of the conversation of being real contenders. I love the offense, they Loaded, they even got it [Marquise] “Hollywood” Brown is just to kind of make up for that gap until she gets a D-Hop [DeAndre Hopkins]. Then she got D-Hop and Hollywood Brown. Oh, something special there.”

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Rank: In the. 3 (I think)

Aku Ideas: “They still have Mike Evans, and they still get Chris Goodwin. Leonard Fournette decided, let me go back. When I think of the frightening attack, I think of the miscellaneous abuse. A crime that can light up in the air, which a pirate can do, a crime that doesn’t She can still dash for 100 yards… You don’t scare me if you can only do one thing well. Bucs can do some things really well.”

Galen Hurts, Eagles outperform Cowboys in latest NFL strength rankings

Galen Hurts, Eagles outperform Cowboys in latest NFL strength rankings

In USA Today’s latest NFL Power rankings, the Philadelphia Eagles are listed at number 12. Meanwhile, Skip’s Cowboys are 19th on the list, with Dallas predicting that they will not repeat as the NFC East champions. Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharp’s reaction.

buffalo bills

Rank: No. 2 (Ako, Wiley)

Aku Ideas: “Josh Allen, a beast. Stevonne Diggs, a beast. But what we have to remember, the last time we saw Gabriel Davis, the number 2 receiver, was going off for 200 yards, four touchdowns in a playoff. That Gabriel Davis is actually good and didn’t It was just a coincidence, if it was really one of the four potential types of receiver, then this Bills offense would be stupid. They were really stupid. They already had one of the best quarterbacks in football, a quarterback in third in my mind. But if it was Gabriel Davis could really be that guy, with Stefon Diggs on the other side, so what can’t they do?”

Cincinnati Bengals

Rank: In the. 1 (I think)

Aku Ideas: “The only team in football that has a 1,000-yard receiver and 1,000-yard rusher. Joe Mixon doesn’t get the credit for being the soccer player. T. Higgins and J.A. Mar Chase are on the other side. Plus Joe Burrow, in my opinion, will only get better.” “You have to remember, Joe Burrow this season was coming off a devastating and stressful knee injury. Joe Burrow wasn’t out of season he could improve in. He spent most of his time trying to get healthy. Now you’re telling me that Joe Burrow will be able to improve in This season. Ja’Marr Chase will come in his second season, Tee Higgins will come in his third. I think this offense is going to be fatal.”

Los Angeles Chargers

Rank: No. 1 (Wiley)

Wiley’s thoughts: “What offense does the best quarterback in the NFL have right now? Herbie [Justin Herbert]LA Chargers. Mike Williams had 1,100 yards last year. Keenan Allen owned 1,100 yards last year. And they still don’t play the best attacking ball. Austin Eckler doesn’t get the credit he deserves because he doesn’t look the part. But let’s talk about its production and how it is in the red. Look at this abuse everywhere.”

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