Billing schedule 2022: dates and times for all 17 games, table strength, final record prediction

Expectations continue to rise for bills.

Buffalo entered 2020 tied for 11th for the best pre-season Super Bowl title, according to Pro Football reviewers. It placed third in Super Bowl odds in pre-season 2021. FanDuel Sportsbook currently lists the Bills as the team entering 2022 with the best odds of winning the Super Bowl at +650.

But the road to the Super Bowl won’t be any easier, even as the Bills continue to add talent. The Bengals emerged as a surprising contender in the AFC last season. Even after losing Tyreek Hill, The Chiefs aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. The Charger stored talent overseas, as did the Raiders and Broncos.

However, Bales fans should be excited about the 2022 regular season. Josh Allen and Stefon Diggs continue to lead one of the most dynamic attacks in the league, and the defense has only improved with the addition of Von Miller and the return of Chuck Lawson.

Could this be the billing year to lift the Lombardy Cup? The road to the Super Bowl begins with the regular season roster. Here’s a look at the Buffalo’s regular season schedule for the 2022 season.

Buffalo Bills Schedule 2022

Here’s a look at the teams the Bills will face in 2022. The schedule will be updated as soon as the schedule is announced.

  • residence: Packs, Vikings, Steelers, Browns, Titans, Jets, Patriots, Dolphins
  • Away: Crows, Bengals, bears, lions, chiefs, rams, planes, patriots, dolphins
week Date Discount start time TV
2 September 19 (Multinational Force) against the titans 7:15 PM ET ESPN

The Bills will face seven teams that made it to the playoffs a season ago, including two-time rivals the Patriots. Four of those eight games against previous playoff teams will be at home, with the Buffalo Packers, Titans, Steelers and Patriots hosting, while games against the Bengals, Chiefs, Rams and Patriots will be on the way.

This season will be only the second time Josh Allen has faced Aaron Rodgers and will be the first time he has faced the Bengals led by Joe Burrow.

Billing power of schedule

Buffalo’s opponents in 2022 set a collegiate record of 147-140-2 in 2021, which is a win ratio of 0.512. This is tied to the twelfth most difficult table among the NFL teams and is the hardest of any team in East Asia.

The Bills will have a tough road slate, in particular, as they will have to travel to take on the Ravens, Bengals, Chiefs and Rams, all of whom are among the best teams in the NFL in 2022.

The hardest tests: The Bills are matched against the four teams in the AFC North, a division that may be the second best league in the AFC behind only AFC West. The Bengals are AFC Champions with a dynamic young core from Burrow and Ja’Marr Chase. Brown added Amary Cooper and Deshaun Watson this season. The Ravens are bringing back several key players from injury and have former NFL player Lamar Jackson in the middle; The Steelers are the permanent contenders for the playoff. Buffalo will encounter both Cincinnati and Baltimore on the way.

Then there are The Chiefs and the Rams, who the Bills will also have to face away from Orchard Park. The Chiefs are still an obstacle to Buffalo, while Los Angeles is the Super Bowl champion. And after the Dolphins and Jets have made improvements this season, sweeping up East Asia remains a tough job.

Biggest breaks: North Asia is a challenge. North NFC…no. The Vikings, Lions, and Bears feel like three bills wins, and even the Packers don’t feel as intimidating as they once did after Davante Adams traded the Raiders. Green Bay still won’t be easy, but this game is at home for Buffalo rather than Lambeau Field.

As the winner of the AFC East, the Biles have played games against fellow champions Kansas City and Tennessee, and while those games will be tough, they could be worse. Both teams traded top wide receivers at Tyreek Hill and AJ Brown, which should help a gritty defense shut down unimpressive wide receiver groups. The showdown against the Titans will be at home, too.

minimum: It’s easy to see a scenario where Bill goes 7-1 at home in 2022. The possibility exists even in an 8-0 home campaign. It’s on the road where Buffalo will face its toughest challenges.

But the Bills are a Super Bowl favorite for a reason. Their defense has the talent to be the best in the NFL, and attack is capable of keeping up with the best. There will always be missteps along the way – see November 7, 2021 – but there’s no reason to expect Bills to do anything but win the East Asian Championship by a decent margin and finish the year with one of the best records in the NFL.

Expect to register: 13-4

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