Does Caleb Hotstan Have A Promise For The NBA Draft?

Basketball fans in Michigan have been waiting to hear if Caleb Hustan has been invited to the NBA Draft Combine. He was turned down but turned down the invitation which is a bad indication of his chances of returning.

The majority of NBA draft hopefuls who receive a call to collect stay in the draft. There are usually 60 picks in the draft (58 this year due to league rules violation) and the top 60 players overall are invited to the pool.

So everyone out there knows they’ll either be recruiting or have a really good chance, and the invitee included two basketball players from Michigan – Moussa Diabatti and Caleb Hustan.

Diabate will attend, and many have seen his invitation as the last sign that he won’t be returning to basketball in Michigan next season.

However, there are still questions about Hostan.

It was reported Monday night that he received an invitation to gather but when the final list was revealed, his name was not there, and according to ESPN’s Jonathan Givoni, that’s because he declined.

Does Caleb Hustan make a promise?

Jevonne is as close to Caleb Hostan Camp as anyone. He was the man who reported on Houstan’s commitment to basketball in Michigan and was also the first to report that Houstan was going to test the NBA draft process.

The fact that he wrote this in his tweet is not good for Michigan, “For Hustan, there will now be a lot of speculation about promises and closures, and rightly so.”

It really does sound like a hint and unless Hustan decides to return to basketball in Michigan, you have to think he’s got some sort of promise.

A group of Michigan fans wondering how to recruit these guys? My answer, are you attentive?

Hustan struggled at times last year. This is given. He was also a freshman and was supposed to be a high school student but was reclassified. He still shot 39 percent of the 3-point range in the Big Ten Conference and was averaging over 10 games. Plus, he’s 6 feet 9 feet tall and has been shown as a lottery pick.

Let’s say he comes back to Michigan and raises his scoring average and shoots in the 40 percent range of three — two very likely scenarios — he could easily be the first manager in 2023.

So the NBA team would be smart even to offer a high guarantee for the second round now, as well as a multi-year deal. From the team’s point of view, getting a talent from the first round in the second round is also cheaper. This is just one scenario.

Hell, the team could have prepared him so late in the first round. We don’t really know, but unless Houstan shockingly announces his comeback later this week or something, I wouldn’t consider turning down the rally invite a good thing for Michigan.

Instead, Caleb Houstan will likely have played his last game for the Wolverines.

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