DraftKings and FanDuel NBA DFS: Wednesday, May 11

Giannis Antetokounmpo and Milwaukee Bucks head to Boston for Game 5 as the series tied 2-2.

It’s difficult to be this deep in the semi-finals of the conference and we have our first knockout match. Three of the four series were sitting at 2-2 after Game Four, and it was fun to watch these teams compete. I honestly have no idea who the favorites should be at this point, and that’s all we can ask as NBA fans!

This board contains one of our 3-1 strings. This is the Golden State-Memphis game, and it looks like Grizz won’t last long without their top player. With that, let’s take a look at the injuries to this critical card!

injury report

basic plays

Giannis Anticonmo (PF/C – MIL): $11,600 from DraftKings, $11,500 from FanDuel

Giannis in this article will be in every game as long as his team is alive. The former MVP has scored at least 39 points for the Draft Kings in all but three games this season. He’s been better in the series, scoring at least 64 DraftKings points in three of his last four games. That’s not far from his ridiculous averages, which makes Antetokounmpo the best base game on the board.

Tyus Jones (PG – MEM): $4,900 DraftKings, $5,700 FanDuel

Jones was in every lineup on Monday, and that will be the case here. We usually try to get the chalk out, but that’s chalk you have to swallow. Base has started 24 games for the Ga this season, averaging 30 Danish points per game. He had one of his best performances in Game 4, collecting 37 Danish points in 41 minutes. No one who starts at the vantage point and plays for 40 minutes should stay this cheap.

Cash Game Considerations

Jackson Jr. years. (PF/C – MEM): $6700 DraftKings, $7600 FanDuel

Jackson has one of the highest winnings in the NBA, and he’s been showing it in the series. JJJ has scored no fewer than 28 fantasy points in five consecutive games, averaging 39 points in that period. That’s incredible from a player in this price range, but it’s no surprise that he leads the team with a 31 percent utilization rate with Morant off the ground. He also averages over 1.3 Danish points per minute in these conditions, making him the best GPP player out there.

Alhorford (PF/C – BOS): $7,300, Draft Kings, $7,900, FanDuel

Big Al was Boston’s best player in their Game 4 win. He finished his career with 30 points, eight rebounds, and three assists. He had to take Williams out of the squad, leaving him with all the minutes, rebounds, and shots he could handle. This is his fourth game in a row with at least 37 points, and his 45-point average in that period is hard to overlook.

GPP . Objectives

Dillon Brooks (SG/SF – MEM)$5,600 Draft Kings, $5,600 Van Doyle

Brooks was the worst player in that game four defeat, but he would be a focal point of that offense with Morant sidelined. He attempted 19 shots in that match and finished with 31 Danish points, despite making only five of those shots. If he plays 40 minutes and takes 20 shots, Brooks needs an extra $1,500 per position. He was that man in the post-season last year, and Memphis need this player to appear if this streak continues for much longer.

Stephen Adams (Medium – mm): $3,400 Draft Kings, $5,300 from FanDuel

Adams made a surprising start in Game 4, but it looks like he’ll be the one to fill the Morant role. He obviously won’t catch the ball, but it looks like he’s reclaimed his 30-minute regular-season start. The Kiwis lost 38 Danish points in 27 minutes in that replay, and Adams proved to be that kind of player for the majority of the season. As long as this bouncing machine runs for 30 minutes, Adams shouldn’t be $3,400 on the DK.

value plays

Draymond Green (PF/C – GSW): $6,200 from DraftKings, $6,000 from FanDuel

Green is probably too good to be in this department, but it’s pretty cheap right now. The smaller position averaged 31 Danish points per game in the regular season and provides value whether or not he takes shots. His numbers are a lot better with Curry in the lineup as well, all of which means that the Dre is pretty cheap at around $1,000.

Marcus Smart (PG / SG – BOS): $5,900 DraftKings, $6,300 FanDuel

Clever is another very affordable guy. Defensive Player of the Year has averaged 31 Danish points per game in his last 32 games. He showed that in Game 4, he dropped 36 fantasy points within 41 minutes of playing. With the way this guy jogs, Smart should be a $7K player on both sites if he’s playing 40 minutes a night. That would definitely be the case in this 5 must-win game!

advantageous pricing

  • Teos Jones (PG – MEM): $4,900 DraftKings, $5,700 FanDuel
  • Jackson Jr. years. (PF/C – MEM): $6,700 from DraftKings, $7,600 from FanDuel
  • Al Horford (PF/C – BOS): $7,300 for Kings, $7,900 from FanDuel
  • Stephen Adams (C – MEM): $3,400 DraftKings, $5,300 FanDuel
  • Jrue holiday (PG-MIL): $8,200 DraftKings, $8,800 FanDuel
  • Klay Thompson (SG/SF – GSW): $7,400 DraftKings, $6,200 FanDuel
  • Brooke Lopez (C – MIL): $4,800 DraftKings, $5,600 FanDuel
  • Pat Connaughton (SG/SF – MIL): $3,800 Draft King, $4,900 FanDuel
  • Otto Porter (SF/PF – GSW): $4,200 from DraftKings, $4,800 from FanDuel

* * *

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