Former ESPN Reporter Michelle Biddle talks about why LeBron James is trying to get her released

ESPN has lost more than a few notable names over the past several years. 2021 witnessed alone The passing of Maria Taylor as well as The sudden departure of old broadcaster Kenny Mayne. Another household name that fans are sure to know is Michelle Biddle, who has worked The most popular sports news network From 2009-2012 and 2014-2019. She has since claimed that LeBron James once tried to fire her from the Disney-owned company during her tenure, and now she’s sharing more details about why James wanted her removed.

Michelle Biddle initially made these allegations against LeBron James in December 2021. The TV personality, who co-hosted NBA Countdown With (now removed) Paul Pierce and others during ESPN’s second term, James claimed he had someone in the network He wants to see her host her place. At the time, she also insisted that James’ business partner, Maverick Carter, would act coldly towards her whenever they met each other. Kharzi Dove Return to the topic while appearing in Sessions with Renee Beckett She asserted that the NBA champion was upset with her because she criticized a TV special she was a part of:

I scoffed at the decision, and I was one of about a billion people who did. …that was a long time ago, I guess when I followed it up, and I got a direct message, “Why are you mean to me on TV?” And I kind of laughed, not thinking about it. And then, pretty quickly, we’re at the Olympics, and I remember people were sharing messages. Like, “Hey, they’re doing this thing” and I never really went. Like, LeBron and all these people have been having parties and stuff in London, and I’ve never been to any of that stuff. This was literally my only kind of interference in life [James].

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