Miami Dolphins News 4/29/22: Dolphins Christian Wilkins’ Fifth Year Option Exercise

The Miami Dolphins didn’t make the pick last night, but did make a move to retain one of their current players who was their first all-rounder. The team announced yesterday that they have exercised the option for Christian Wilkins for the fifth year, which should surprise no one. Wilkins had his best year as a Dolphin last season and brought a lot of energy to the defensive side of the ball.

You can check out this story here, and the rest of the day’s events below.

Dolphins will exercise Christian Wilkins’ choice for Year 5 – ProFootballTalk
A new batch of first-round picks will enter the NFL Thursday night, but the Dolphins are in no position to add one of them to the roster.

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Dolphin Receiver Wide

Jaylen Waddle speed, will help Tyreek Hill “unlock different things” in Dolphins attack
Tyreek Hill’s import to pair up with Jaylen Waddle for the Miami Dolphins provides the fastest receiving duo in the NFL. The burden will be on Tua Tagovailoa to take advantage of this speed.

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Report: Miami Dolphins Defensive Intervention Option for Christian Wilkins’ Fifth Year – The Phinsider
Wilkins will make $10.753 million in 2023.

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Don’t let the media fool you, Tyreek Hill is a game-changer for Tua Tagovailoa and Dolphins’ Office #FakeNews

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