Moon Night: The Secret Origin of the Scarlet Scarab

In fact, Laila’s character in moon knight At first, she will not be Egyptian, according to series director and executive producer Mohamed Diab. “First of all, I have to give it to the book,” Diab tells us. “They came up with the idea to make Laila Egyptian…when Sarah and I [Goher, Diab’s wife and creative partner] Came, surely we made some Egyptian input. When Mae came along, she became the character’s best lawyer and had a huge contribution to it as well.”

Diab doesn’t remember whether it was “Marvel or the book” that came up with the idea of ​​giving Laila her superhero moment, but the idea of ​​putting the world’s first Egyptian superhero on screen was an instant hit for him. “This is amazing [was] The best idea in the world,” he says proudly. “Egyptians today treat the show and Leila as feeling like an actress and being seen — that seems to be it. Black Panther. Everyone on the show is like a hero in Egypt now.”

The director continues, “It’s not just Egypt. It’s the Middle East, people in South Asia…everything looks the same, so people feel like actors. When my daughter was five, she wanted to straighten her curly hair because she’d never found someone who looked like her on screen.” But today, I think this will affect a lot of girls and a lot of boys in places around the world.”

The power of that image comes home within a brief moment when she sees a young girl Laila working in the street and directly asks if she is an Egyptian heroine. “I am,” Laila replied, before flinging herself and her gleaming golden wings into battle with Amit. It is a fleeting but highly effective moment, the culmination of Moon Knight’s careful and detailed exploration of Egyptian culture and society except for the usual clichés pervasive in Hollywood’s portrayal of the Middle East.

“I hope one day we can play this on a big screen,” Diab says. “It’s a historical moment. There are always those metaphors that Arab women are subjected to. But Laila represents the reality, which is that Arab women – and actually women of third world countries who live in harsh conditions – that makes them stronger. That was a very important thing to portray. Even if She hadn’t become a superhero, she would still have been a very strong character.”

As mentioned earlier, Lily’s future is a question right now – not only because her joining Taweret was temporary, but because we don’t know if there will be a second season of Moon Knight. We know this: If there is a season 2, we hope to see Scarlet Scarab represent Egypt in the Marvel superhero complex again.

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