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KNOXVILLE – In the middle of a Class 3A sectional golf course at Pine Knowles Golf Club, Newton Head Boys golf coach Pat Riley didn’t have a good sense of his team’s chances of progressing.

But the Cardinals faltered and improved in the second nine and found a way into the top three on Wednesday.

Ethan Walker finished the tie second and finished third in the overall standings with a 5-over-75 and two other Cardinals shot 81 or less to lead Newton to third.

The Cardinals fired 326 and outsmarted Clark by four strokes. Knoxville won the championship with 312 and fired Winterset 316 per second.

The two best teams advance to districts unless the host school is in first and second places. Then the third-place team also advances.

“I am really proud of our guys today. They came out, they knew it was going to be tough, and they took care of the business,” Riley said.

Knoxville put three golfers in the top six and Wintrust placed four in the top fourteen.

But Newton had three in the top ten with Lincoln Ergenbright’s 80 and Kennick Pritchard’s 81. Ergenbright was eighth and Pritchard 10th.

“Walker, Ergenbright and Pritchard were huge for us,” Riley said. “Three degrees under 81 is the reason for our progress.”

Bondurant-Farrar entered the clips with a third-best 18-hole average but finished fifth with 335. The rest of the eight-team field included Carlisle (374), Creston (426) and Sidel (465).

Newton’s last count was 90 by Brennan Amos. Brydon Chance scored 92 without a count, and Conner Breen turned 100 without a count.

Walker had improved by three strokes per second nine from the first. He had splits 39-36. Ergenbright went 39-41 and Pritchard 40-41.

Amos (46-44), Chance (48-44) and Brain (52-48) were better on the second nine holes.

“Both Amos and Chance were having a hard time up front but no one quit,” Riley said. “That’s what I love about these guys. No matter how bad their start is, they always grind it. Conner hit the ball really well. He just struggled. He could fire the ’80s with a better day on the Greens.”

“Overall, it was a good day for Cardinal Golf Nation.”

The Cardinals 3A Championships takes place at Bos Landen Golf Course at 10am on Mondays in Bella.

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