NFC Notes: 49ers, Rams, Seahawks


Former 49ers, Seahawks, and GM Leaders Scott McCluggan He was highly praised for the second round of DE Drake Jackson.

“He has traits you can’t teach.” McLugan said, via Matt Barrows of The Athletic. “This is the starting, this is the flexibility, this is the foot speed, this is the length. I liked him very much outside the bar this year in terms of sportiness, flexibility, ability to redirect and ability to get into the middle.”

McCluggan focused on Jackson’s ability to be arrogant.

“He’s got that first step,” McLugan said. “It is able to go around the edge and is able to tackle and go back in. He is a unique athlete.”

As for the sixth round CB Tariq Castro Fields McCloughan believes he can be a quality backup early in his career.

“I think he has a chance to be a good player – if he’s not an early starter, he’s a high-quality reserve who can play several positions,” McLugan said. “Then if I get it right, you get a start down the streak. He played football a lot. He played against some good receivers and stood up, and Dang played really well. Like I said, he was consistent. I don’t think he was great.”


  • Former CBS Sports Analyst and Agent Joel Corrie looks at the potential new deal size for Rams WR cooper cup can come in. He notes that Kupp is the only player ever to earn a Triple Crown season (leading the league in receptions, yards and touchdowns), winning Offensive Player of the Year and winning a Super Bowl MVP in the same year. Jerry Rice He is the only other player to win all these titles in his career.
  • Kupp said he’s not looking to necessarily reset the market, he just wants to “Exhibition” Deal. Corry projects that build on the pool of other deals signed this off season to be in the $22 to $26 million per year range.
  • Currie adds that secured funds and cash flow should be the real sticking points, with $50 million over two years a reasonable demand from Kupp’s view.


Seahawks HC Carol’s house On why the team chose to draft the RB Project for Michigan Kenneth Walker In the second round of the draft.

“It’s taken off now, it’s a missile” Carroll said, via Pro Football Talk. “He grabbed the ball really well today as well, and we’re really excited about him. His insults, the jargon, the concepts we’ve run, he’s run, and he was well prepared at Michigan State to come to us. He understood the jargon somewhat as well, so it’s really easy for him to feel Comfortable with moving on. We wouldn’t expect any problems there at all, he’d be able to go. He was very explosive, very fast.”

Reporters asked Carroll if Walker would be the third-place finisher next season.

“Let me wait and see that, in so far as it makes him a third man,” Carol said. “He has ways to go into traffic protection, and that’s a real challenge for him, so we’ll see. I know his position is going to be in, he’s a great competitive kid. That should really be a priority, and we’ve already talked to him about it.” [Running backs coach] Chad [Morton] It will pass by, so we’ll see how it goes. He looked really good today in ball picking and running ways, so I was really happy to see that.”

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