Packers News: Rich Bisaccia starts working his magic

Green Bay reclamation project is underway.

The huge task that has been put on the shoulders of Green Bay Packers special coordinator Rich Bisaccia begins in earnest with the rookie little camp. Special teams are where several unrecorded free agents or low-round draft picks can earn their place on the roster, so Bisaccia put them through their paces at least for parts of the sessions last week.

Nowhere to go but Green Bay specials that have been pretty bad for at least a decade and go through a ton of coordinators. The mere fact of having qualified core special teams may have been enough for the players to participate for the third consecutive time in the NFC Championship, but instead a banned kick turned Green Bay’s playoff fortunes upside down a year ago.

Competition is wide open in multiple locations including returning and cover groups, so look to Bisaccia to continue mixing and matching pieces even through boot camp as he tries to strike the right balance.

It’s a long way from the bunker but the firmnesses finally have a guy who can do it. It’ll be a relief when September comes when fans don’t have to hold their breath every time the Packers kick or take a kick, although Bisaccia must forgive us if it took a while (pardon the pun) to kick the habit.

Rich Bisaccia quickly put his stamp on the Packers special teams—

If Bisaccia performs a miracle and makes the Green Bay unit into the top ten in the league, “we are fense” could be added to many of the mantras that many Packers fans associate with their team.

Mike McCarthy, Dallas Cowboys to play with the Green Bay Packers at Lambeau Field November 13 –

The highly anticipated Mike McCarthy returns to Lambeau Field this November, and he’s hoping fans will give up the big applause he deserves. Meanwhile, Aaron Rodgers seeks to prove he’s a master now that he’s educated under the former Packers coach.

From Georgia to Green Bay, Packers first-round picks Quay Walker and Devonte Wyatt share trip to NFL–

Being a member of the college team should help Packers’ first-round picks build an instant bond in the professional field. They will also bring a championship mentality to the defense that will be crucial to Green Bay’s fifth Super Bowl victory.

WR Marketplace for Packers Still in Free Agency – Packers Wire

The longer these big names go unsigned, the cheaper they become, which is in the Packers’ best interest. Personally, give me Julio Jones or Jarvis Landry.

Morning shake! Cocaine stashed among sacks of coffee beans at Swiss Warehouse-Huffington Post

Guess the powder isn’t a non-dairy creamer after all.

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