Player Score: The Edmonton Oilers clinch the playoffs by crushing the Colorado Avalanche 6-3

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The Edmonton Oilers slowly came out but got stronger as the match went on, with Evander Kane making an avalanche that helped crush the Colorado Avalanche 6-3.

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What seemed unlikely in Dave Tippett’s final days is now a reality, with the Oilers winning a playoff spot under new coach Jay Woodcroft. The Oilers have had 23 wins and 11 losses under Woodcroft.

In the end, the top-notch shots were 11 Oilers, 17 shots for Avs, with seven 5 alarm shots for Edmonton and four shots for Avs.

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Conor MacDavid, 7. Solid game. Three assists, though none of them were amazing in any way. No repayments on the net. He speeded up the snowball and took a quick hit, then released it to Kane on Edmonton’s first goal. Hit a sharp horizontal arrow out of the poles to help serve Kane into a hat-trick goal. He also made Ken in the sequence that led to Yamamoto’s goal. McDonald missed the grid on a breakup in third, largely because he was hacked into his hands. He now has 116 points, compared to 113 for Florida’s Jonathan Huberdeau, who has one game in the National Hockey League.

Kailer Yamamoto, 7. Active and active. He pounced on a rebound to push along the virtuous session with Kane’s second goal. He jumped the puck’s ball into the hole for a backhand in Edmonton’s fifth goal, 19th from Yamamoto this season.

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Evander Kane, 9. Edmonton’s attacking engine in this match with three goals and three assists. He was overly aggressive and allowed a killer pass that created a 3-on-1 on Avs’ first target. He started his first scoring sequence with a sinister slash check, then sent the puck to McD, then hit the ball home, in Kuemper’s usually dependable way of exiting the center. In his second goal, he won a fight on the board, taking a five-alarm shot from an outside blast to Bouchard, and then a second to score a fine pass from Keith. The most exciting was his third goal, where he managed to pass Josh Manson, then Quimper in a break-in. He also found time to overcome the hateful Nazim Qadri. He fired a shot at the net that bounced off the Avs d-man to Yamamoto to score Edmonton’s fifth goal.

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Leon Drystel 7. A monster in a big moment of the game, he makes a crucial check to foil the Colorado 5-on-3 early in the second and then scrambles a few more passes to kill the sequence. It could be argued that he was slow to fire Nisushkin in his second goal. Cal Makar hit his butt with a sneaky shoulder. He took the disc like a freight train to the grid for a square shot of 5 alarms. A moment later, he grabbed Manson’s pass and broke it for a powerful shot.

Ryan McLeod 4. He made a mistake on the basics, turning around and walking away from the play, making McKinnon’s strong run the first time. He let McKinnon fall behind at a 5-alarm shot per second. He was calm about the attack.

Zach Heyman, 5. His spin resulted in a 2-on-1 early on, the first of several defensive errors. Accused of a breakup in the third. I worked hard all the time, as usual.

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Ryan Nugent-Hopkins, 7. He came out of a sneaky hole in the first. His penalty kick resulted in a 5-on-3 hit in 1:11. Sportsnet commentator Bob Stover called the punishment a “BS” call and a “joke”. RNH made a sharp pass to Bouchard in his scoring sequence. The power wrestler has cut off the crossbar. He threw a pass to send Hyman into a breakup.

Warren Vogel, 5. He lost a battle that sent a strange man rushing in early. Other than that he was fine, but not much was done in the attack.

Derek Ryan, 6. He made a number of strong plays in attack, including a good play to achieve the hit, then sent an ice cross arrow to RNH for Edmonton’s first-class first shot.

Zach Kasian 5. Quiet game, but nothing too bad.

Derek Brassard, 4. There isn’t much to report in just over six minutes of ice time.

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Nurse Darnell, 3. He was going through a rough game that became even tougher as he recovered. He made a poor and overly dangerous decision the first time, starting a pain streak on Avs’ first target. After a moment Burakowski stumbled and was awarded a penalty. He was slightly picked and allowed Nisushkin to move into the hole on his second goal. He left the game in the second half after a tough fight on the net side where he appeared to come off limping a bit. We all hope this isn’t too much, as your best man coming out at this time of year is bad, bad, and bad news.

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Cody Sissi, 7. Another super hardcore game, something it’s become known for. Nichushkin fought in a tuck when there was a loose disc to be recorded late in the first. He kept two clean sheets, which means there wasn’t a single fatal mistake in a first-class shot even in the strength of the entire game.

Duncan Keith, 7. He plays well, reads the play at a high level and makes brilliant passes. He was challenged in a wing lunge by a quick Newhook early in the match, but he stuck with it. His Qatari arrow made the second goal for Kane.

Evan Bouchard, 8. Really good at this game, with three major contributions in top notch shots and clean sheets in his area. He got a powerful shot the first time, then went on to win the ball, slammed it onto the ice and made a good pass, showing class and calm early in the game. He tore a puck into the net and hit the rebound to score Edmonton’s second goal. He made an important shot before Kane’s second goal. He checked McKinnon inside the boards, apologized, then had McKinnon off his leg, but the game was in trash by then.

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Chris Russell, 8. The lower-rated Russell still has the speed and intelligence to play well at this level, as quick dips and clearances contributed to Bouchard’s goal and a No. 6 assist. He allowed Diagonal arrows to lead McKinnon’s shot with five warnings. When the nurse is injured, he moves up the pairing with Ceci. He made a long bomb with a shot at an empty net to ice the game. Four hits and five dead shots.

Tyson Barry, 6. Quiet but solid game.

Brit Air, 4. The first rancid period, stabilized as things progressed. He was hit early 2-on-1 which resulted in a dangerous shot by Helm. A moment later he blew out a turn and fell to the ground, causing an even more dangerous 2-on-1 for Logan O’Connor. They headed off with a snowboard early and he took a penalty too many. But he caught the ball at the start of Kane’s goal sequence in Hattie to achieve the assist.

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Mike Smith, 7. Another good game. Helm and O’Connor were stoned for 5 warnings early in the game. He had no chance of scoring Colorado’s first goal, a cross-ice throw followed by one timer in the 3-on-1 break. Qadri’s bullet hit behind him late in the first game, but Smith was able to find it and choke her. He could have done better on Nichushin’s second goal, which was on the outer edge of the Class A firing zone, even though it was a really well-placed shot. He made a big save for Burakovsky in the third game, then Laconon in a fold. He stops well on Newhook to choke off any final Avs life.

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