Ramez 2022 schedule: dates and times of all 17 matches, schedule strength, and final record prediction

Tinseltown is finally decked out in stripes of blue and gold in February. The Rams, led by Cooper Cobb and Aaron Donald, defeated Bengals 23-20 to capture the Lombardy Cup.

The Rams had it all in 2021 – a quarterback with an absolute cannonball (Matthew Stafford), a pair of proven receivers that ranked among the best defenses of their generation (Cope and Adele Beckham Jr.) and one of the most fearsome defenses to form over the past decade. Simply put, Los Angeles was the most complete team in the league.

A lot has changed in the off season, admittedly. Beckham tore up the AFC Champions League during the Super Bowl, raising doubts about his future with the Rams. Bobby Wagner fled rival Seahawks to sunny Los Angeles, adding another elite defender to the Legion as Von Miller left to make a free agent deal with the Bills.

But a lot remained the same, too. Cobb, Donald and Stafford are all preparing for a comeback, as is Galen Ramsey. Lots of gang members are back together and they seem to be in great shape to get themselves back to the promised land.

So, how does the Rams 2022 schedule stack up? There are a lot of talented teams out there. But Los Angeles is. The Rams hope their championship pedigree will propel them through what appears to be a tough regular-season roster.

Below is a full analysis of the Rams schedule for 2022, including dates, start times, and analysis for all 17 games.

Los Angeles Rams schedule 2022

The Rams’ schedule will be revealed as part of the NFL launch schedule on Thursday, May 12.

  • residence: Cardinals, Seahawks, 49ers, Panthers, Hawks, Cowboys, Raiders, Broncos, Bills
  • Away: Cardinals, Seahawks, 49ers, Saints, Pirates, Packers, Chiefs, Chargers
week Date Discount start time TV
16 December 25 vs bronco 4:30 p.m. Eastern time CBS/Nickelodeon

Eight of the teams the Rams will face in 2022 made it to the playoffs in 2021, with four of them advancing to at least the divisional role: the Billers, Buccaneers, Chiefs and 49ers. The Los Angeles Bills, Cardinals, Cowboys, Raiders and 49ers will face off at home, while You encounter pirates, cardinals, chiefs, packers and 49ers on the road.

The power of the rams in the timeline

The Rams’ opponents in 2022 achieved a combined 164-125 last season, with a win ratio of 0.567, which is the strongest ratio in the NFL.

The hardest tests: If the Rams wanted to replicate as Super Bowl champions, they would have to run an absurdly difficult game series. Los Angeles is set to face Super Bowl contestants the Buccaneers, Chiefs and Packers on the road, a tough test given the tumultuous nature of the support at those stadiums.

Home slate never looked easier. The Rams will face the Los Angeles Chargers and Cowboys, two teams they hope to establish as a threat to the Lombardi Cup in 2022. Put simply, Los Angeles will face a torrent of top-tier opposition over the course of the tournament. the classroom. It’s the kind of schedule that can hit the rams if they’re not careful. However, if they play their cards right, this may be just what they need to prepare them for what they will see in the playoffs.

Biggest breaks: No tons, frankly. Ramez plays with eight teams that reached the playoffs last year. They played 10 and finished the season with a record over 0.500. Simply put, this schedule could prove to be very challenging for Los Angeles in 2022.

Despite the crazy schedule, there are quite a few matches that can appeal to the Rams, two clashes with the humble Seahawks and a match against the Panthers. Sam Darnold led the league in interceptions last year and with Aaron Donald and Galen Ramsey sponsoring the Los Angeles defense, it seems reasonable to think there could be plenty of choices in that game.

Also, the Falcons menu looks a lot different now. Matt Ryan left for Indianapolis, Marcus Mariota arrived in Ryan’s place and Atlanta lost mega star Calvin Ridley to a season suspension. All of this means that the Hawks shouldn’t cause too many problems for a team hoping to replicate like the Rams.

minimum: Los Angeles is loaded from top to bottom. The Rams have a plethora of dynamic playmakers on the offensive side of the ball, led by Copper Cup – the best future in football. They have Matthew Stafford, and he blew his demons out in the playoff to get his first Super Bowl episode.

They also boasted defenders, led by Donald Worramsey, future Hall-of-Famers who remain among the league’s best teams in their positions. It’s a roster that shines with talent, the kind of team capable of crushing any team on their best days.

However, the schedule is arduous. The Rams will need to get off the ground quickly and build momentum for their confrontations against some of the best that the NFL has to offer.

If they can get themselves right, the Rams have as good a chance as any to get their Super Bowl hardware back. But it won’t be easy, especially with a loaded schedule on the horizon.

Expect to register: 13-4

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