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The Boston Red Sox face the Atlanta Braves. Check out our MLB odds series, to predict and pick from the Red Sox Braves.

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Nate Evaldi gets the ball for the Red Sox, while Ian Anderson starts the Braves.

Nate Yuvaldi has a 2.94 ERA. He hasn’t given up more than three games in any of his starts this season. He avoided the big run and kept the Red Sox competitive. Eovaldi is part of Boston’s improbably poor start to the season. Beginners regularly do well, but the utter lack of attack and the dramatic failure of the Bullpen still caused the Red Sox to drop several games under 0.500. Evaldi plays his part overall, but he and the rest of the Boston team haven’t had help from their teammates multiple times this season. This is something to remember when making Red Sox Braves predictions.

Ian Anderson has a 4.01 ERA, but was a solid bowler for the Braves. He had a terrible first game of the season, giving up five runs for the Reds in only 2 and 3 runs, but since then he’s been strong and efficient. His ERA after the Reds game was 16.88. He’s lowered his era in each of his subsequent starts, so you shouldn’t view him as an ERA four-running pitcher. More like three. This should be taken into account in the odds of the Red Sox Braves.

Courtesy of FanDuelHere they are Red Sox-Braves MLB odds.

MLB . odds: Red Sox-Braves Odds

Boston Red Sox: -1.5 (+188)

Atlanta Braves: +1.5 (-230)

Above: 8 (-110)

Under: 8 (-110)

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Why the Red Sox can cover the spread

The Red Sox finally won a game, finally losing in the Tuesday night attack. They needed a game like this after so many difficulties on the board. When a struggling team finally gets over the hump and plays a good game that so many different hitters contribute, that’s exactly how the team can start their season and hit everyone well. Teams go through slumps and bad cycles, and they also go through good cycles. This is definitely a game in which we could see the Red Sox enter a good tournament. It’s part of the equation when thinking about forecasting.

Also, the brave are in the midst of a conflict bus season. Before you express a surprise, remember that the Braves had a very hard time getting past the 0.500 mark last year. This year it’s nothing new this team is looking at themselves, and while it should be good by September, it’s not so good at the moment. That matters.

Why the brave can cover the spread

After their crush on Tuesday, the Braves will be excited to come back on Wednesday and make things right against the Red Sox. Boston is a bad team. She played well on Tuesday, but that shouldn’t be taken as a reason to assume the Red Sox will continue to show up on Wednesday. The Braves are struggling, but after one really bad game, they have a good chance to bounce back. At some point, this team is going to catch fire, and in many ways, the Braves are more likely than the Red Sox to bounce back and run in the post-season, if we’re being honest. The brave should not be written off this year.

Final selection and prediction for Red Sox-Braves

If you like the Nate Eovaldi show but are skeptical of Red Sox in general, just take the Braves plus run and a half, and maybe add the smaller Red Sox money game.

Red Sox-Braves Final Predictor and Pick: Braves +1.5

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