Skip Bayless, LeBron James’ biggest critic, once pissed off NBA fans with this outrageous holiday movie Pax Star Jr.

Jrue Holiday has been a defensive rock for the Milwaukee Bucks family. If there was someone who should have won the Defensive Player of the Season award, it had to be him. However, there is still plenty of time for him. Of course, there were many skeptics. Recently, a video clip surfaced again after his tournaments against the Boston Celtics during Game Five of the Eastern Conference semifinals. Skip Bayless, Mr. Troll Prime, showed a critic of the Milwaukee Bucks trading Eric Bledsoe at Jrue Holiday in 2020.

To summarize, during the 2020 trade window, Milwaukee acquired Jrue Holiday in a four-way trade that included the Bucks, New Orleans, Portland and Oklahoma. If the article goes into the specifics about who exactly it was traded for, it will be a bit long. And then, to sum it up, Eric Bledsoe went to New Orleans, while Holiday came to Bucks.


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Skip Bayless responded to this trade show, as usual. He said, They brought back Eric Bledsoe. I love Eric Bledsoe and not saying I love him but Eric Bledsoe and the Holiday Puppy kinda like 50-50, okay. Jrue Holiday has put together two defensive teams, and so has Eric Bledsoe. Holiday might be a nicer guy because he’s a good teammate, and the kind of leader. Well, maybe that will help.”

The clip is only 26 seconds long and might be stripped of a bit of context. For those who want the full context, the full video above is for everyone to watch.

Jrue Holiday vs Celtics

December 25, 2021; Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA; Boston Celtics forward Jason Tatum (0) catches the ball off Milwaukee Bucks Junior Holiday guard (21) during the first quarter at the Fiserv Forum. Mandatory credit: Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

As Skip said, Jrue Holiday had already created two All Defensive teams by then. He became the rock that kept Milwaukee’s defense afloat that season. Without him, Giannis would not have been able to make the accused walk the crime. He was a part of many of the Milwaukee Bucks’ watershed moments. By the way, it was now part of three.


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In about one hour

Only today, in the last minute of the game, he knocked out that player against the Celtics. He blocked Marcus Smart’s layup, allowing the Bucks to take possession and then steal from him again. He scored 24 points and scored eight rebounds and made his team to win 110-107. But that’s normal for Jrue’s holiday as last season proved.


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Did the Bucks take responsibility for this series, because of the holiday? Can the Celtics come back? It’s hard to predict all of these things right now.

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