Tom Brady’s ridiculous contract details with FOX Sports revealed

Tom Brady, the legendary former New England Patriots who seems to hate spending time with his family as if it was the real plague, has solidified his first post-retirement project.

When that day comes, of course. Almost happened a few months ago! did not happen. Again, a family thing.

When Brady hangs them up, his first stop will surprisingly be the broadcast booth rather than the owner’s box. TB12 accepted a job as the lead NFL Analyst for the FOX team along with top game communicator Kevin Burkhardt. And it seems So Interested in his chosen position to work for free!

mixes. no he did not.

Brady will have to sift through the history books and stats tours all summer long as he pulls the rope in his career, because dollars dictate astonishingly high expectations.

For 10 years and 375 million dollars, how can you refuse Any thing?!

Former Patriots QB Tom Brady is making a ridiculous salary with FOX NFL.

Life only lasts a long time, but given how many eggplant Brady eats, 10 years is probably a drop in the bucket for the great gunslinger. So why not try something new for a huge profit?

After years of getting discounts with the Patriots so Bill Belichick could improve the roster elsewhere, it’s clear that Brady no longer cares about the potential effects on FOX’s payroll if he catches most of it with a massive deal. No room for overpaying for a bullet-playing guy? who cares! You already have Brady in place. Go bargain hunting. He believes that he can raise the level of competition.

Brady’s $375 million contract could easily cause a ripple throughout the market, too. Tony Romo and Troy Aikman’s “huge” deals with CBS and ESPN are now on hold; Combined, the two men still make less than Brady per year when he joins the workforce. Romo has already proven his skill in color. If Brady’s ratings are less than excellent, one would have to believe that the former Cowboy would hold that against his current employer in future negotiations.

In order to achieve success in the cab, Brady will have to train himself to be fast on his feet. While his social media presence is awesome and his side energy has become legendary, all of those public appearances are super manic or just plain screaming.

Justifying the highest analyst salary in league history will require serious work – but you can’t say that this fellow has never outdone his peers.

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