What are the Miami Dolphin’s best heists this season?

Everyone sees the highlights in their drafted players and thinks they’ve got the draft stolen. What are the Miami Dolphin’s best heists this season?

Almost all football fans love the off season and especially the recruiting. As a fan, it’s always been something I love to explore some of the players and evaluate their performance in the pros.

It always intrigues me how many highly drafted players end up in busts and how many lower score odds end up in an NFL swing. I’ve written articles before about the situations that are most likely to succeed and/or fail depending on where they are formulated.

We put a lot of emphasis on vertical pressure 40, blah blah blah. Zack Thomas – 5th round pick, Jason Taylor – 3rd round pick. Sam Madison – second round Patrick Sartin – second round. Some of our best players ever! Some of our worst players ever were drafted into the first round. We all know that sometimes an NFL draft can look like a slob.

So every year, I like to play a little game with myself. I’d guess which Miami Dolphins recruits would do Many better or Worse than expected. Oh, heck, I’m not a professional scout. Which of us is he? We’re all just Gms in an armchair talking about our favorite teams.

So who’s stealing this year’s slump season? My first choice is not a player. I want to say my best off-season possession is McDaniel. First year coach – growing pains – yes. McDaniel to my understanding has never called plays – growing pains – yes.

And you never know how much offensive planning and execution he or the other coaches on the team were doing. However, the more I watched his formations and his use of people from his previous training periods, the more excited I got. For me, McDaniel might be the off-season steal.

The second draft stealer value is someone who wasn’t actually drafted, Zaquandre White, RB, South Carolina. I think White is a perfect fit for the Zone Run Ban system. He has great vision, a great deal of wobble, and seems to be able to catch the ball pretty well.

The only hit on Zaquandre is that he may not be fast enough in the NFL and may need a year of seasoning. I’d be very interested to see where this kid will end up on this or next year’s dolphin depth chart. But, as a member of the RB, I believe he has an underappreciated talent pool.

Now, I’ll admit I watch SEC college teams and East Coast teams so there are a lot of college players I know almost nothing about. Sue, there’s a good chance I’m completely wrong and there’s a better “stealing” waiting to show me how foolish I am.

But, that is the reason why Phinphanatic is here. There are a large number of smart and loving football fans, and Finfanatic is a forum where everyone can express their point of view. So feel free to add a couple of your cents for whoever you think is off-season theft(s)!!

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