Why you should watch the NHL playoffs (it doesn’t matter who you cheer for) 

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by Mike Brock

I wouldn’t tell anyone how he enjoys sports, but…

The NHL playoffs are in full swing, and Sportsnet is betting on billions of dollars most of you are watching. I think you should be. In honor of Walt Podubny, here are 8 reasons to watch the NHL Playoffs every year.

1. something for everyone

I think the NHL Playoffs are one of the really great sports leagues in the world and they have a little bit of everything to offer everyone. Action, competition, comedy, inspiration. Speed ​​and strategy. Need a decent excuse to get some pops? Yes, you can get all of that from the NHL playoffs. You also get to experience sleep deprivation (a triple OT win) and drywall holes (a triple OT loss), but the point is, there’s something for everyone, and that makes it perfect for watching in a big group. Some people may cheer for the victory of one of the teams. Some may cheer for a particular team’s loss. Some may just be there for the nachos. But at least you two are together.

2. You don’t even have to like hockey

I can hear some of you asking, “But what if I never liked hockey before, Mike?” Well, that shouldn’t have anything to do with it. Let me tell you why. I’m definitely not a fan of scary movies. Every once in a while, I’ll stick to watching one. I think it’s a bit like when you’re afraid of heights but you’re still walking on the glass floor in the CN Tower. Therefore, when I watch a horror movie, I always try to make the most of it. I make sure to let myself feel completely intimidated. To enjoy the “discomfort” of the moment. The same way I made sure to try fermented horse milk while in Mongolia for my honeymoon. Why would I do that? Because this is to live, that’s why!! The mystical factor of fear is real, and it’s human. Feeling uncomfortable is something that, biologically at least, would be wise for humans to experience once in a while. Just like how you should watch the NHL playoffs even if you don’t like hockey. This is, of course, a ridiculously random example, and it makes absolutely no sense. Speaking of random…

3. Random things happen all the time

The unpredictability of the sport has never been more evident than during the NHL playoffs. The playoffs are similar to the Kentucky Derby, but instead of two minutes, they take two months to finish. In these two months, anything can happen, and it usually does. In 1986, Edmonton defender Steve Smith famously scored an own goal to cost Gretzky and the Oiler a five-game winning streak. In the 1993 qualifying round three, Keri Fraser decided not to call a particular high stick that would give the foliage strength. Stanley Cup favorites Tampa Bay Lightning were swept up in the first round just three seasons ago by Columbus, and this spring we’ve already seen three additional hits, third series goals and even some hat tricks. Random, stupid, crazy things happen in playoffs, and we could use more of these things in our lives.

4. Inspirational

Here’s another thing you can do when watching the NHL playoffs – be amazed!!! Who does not like to be surprised. Every night during the NHL Playoffs, you’ll witness incredible feats by humans who are the best in the world at what they do. Several times in every match, I promise something will blow your mind. We must draw inspiration from what has been made possible by impossibly talented athletes. Unimaginable saves. Perfect passes. Dix Circus. Monster hits.

5. At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter

When the Leafs lose a playoff it affects me. And that’s fine, because if it didn’t affect me, the gains wouldn’t matter. We’ve all spent a lot of time in the last few years worrying about what’s going on in the real world, and these hockey players are charging big money to make us forget all that. To paraphrase a wise man, we may also use it for what it is supposed to be used for. Allow yourself to ride an emotional rollercoaster cheering for a team in the playoffs. Be confident that, no matter how the playoffs turn out, and how sad you are, it won’t really change your life. Escape with the magic of the NHL playoffs.

6. common history

My favorite thing about the NHL playoffs are the stories that were faked and the history that was made. On the ice, on bar stools and family room sofas everywhere, books of records and legends are written and rewritten every year. The stories are what keep us coming back. But who can you share these stories with. Remember to watch the games with your children, parents and close friends. Especially now. Root for the same team together. Or root for different teams together. This is what it’s all about.

7. feel old

Nostalgia is a great way to say that you feel old. Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. If you’re lucky, all those wonderful memories you’re building now will eventually make you feel nostalgic. For example, the mere mention of Doug Gilmore or Curtis Joseph makes me think of the double overtime profile that Keeler recorded at CUJO when I was home from my freshman year of college. Lyubushkin’s hit that night reminded me of Dmitry Yushkevich in 1999. And that made me smile.

8. Conversation starters

In Canada, NHL Playoffs matches, like the weather, are an easy way to start a good conversation.

For example, here’s a text string I started this week with a group of my old swimming buddies, some of whom are Montreal Canadiens fans:


I’ve been very busy lately. Does any of you know when the Habs playoff games will start?
I hope that you are well !!
You are right, Mike

Banger Macon:


Three eyes:

Easy Killer… Round 1 is still for the cards. When did they last see the second round? I think they had a 3-1 lead in the first round last year!


What are you still doing, 3e? There is nothing to watch on TV.

I’ve been lying to Three Eye, of course, because when it’s NHL Playoffs, there’s something to watch for everyone. Enjoy, and Go Leafs Go.

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