Luka Doncic vs Suns is the biggest chess match in the NBA

Phoenix’s first trip to Dallas during the second round series against the Mavericks was eventful. Before the team flew last Thursday for Game 3, the Suns in Arizona had an hour-long layoff due to storms in Dallas. Delays forced them to rehearse late in the evening as they arrived in and out of the bowels of a downtown Dallas arena minutes before “The Who” hits the stage that night.

Things didn’t go any better the next day on the field. The Suns will lose Game 3 — a game in which Chris Paul committed seven transformations on his 37th birthday. Luka DonjicIn the meantime, he was proving to be a tough cover, averaging 35.3 over the first three matches. So when Coach of the Year winner Monty Williams — who led Phoenix to the Finals last year and had to face the best players in the game such as LeBron James, Nikola Jokic and Giannis Antetokounmpo during that run — was asked after the game if he enjoyed the adjustments and strategic pressure that come with managing a playoff streak. He was only half joking when he answered.

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