2022 NFL Draft: Buffalo Bills UDFA Injury History

The Buffalo Bills nearly filled their 90-player roster by signing several UDFAs after the 2022 NFL Draft.

They have agreed to terms with nine players listed below with many invited to their junior camp experiences. While UDFAs are usually far-reaching to build the roster, many can make major impacts all at once on a team. In fact, the 17 players on the Bills 2021 roster were delisted when they started their careers, which shows that all a person needs is a chance.

However, previous injuries can derail a potential career path. Here is a brief injury account of each UDFA as they head to the junior junior camp on May 13-14.

T. Glenn Weidermere (Texas A&M)

Appeared in 34 matches

2021 He underwent surgery to repair a severed tendon in a freak accident during the spring of 2021, forcing him to miss spring training but no regular season games.

WR Neale Bow (BYU)

Appeared in 46 matches

2017 – He missed two matches (UNLV, UMass) for unknown reasons.

2019 – Missed the entire season due to a DUI, as a result of a year-long suspension.

2021 Suffered a left ankle injury early in the season that required the use of walking shoes. He missed the final three games of the season with an ankle injury against Idaho State described as spraining his ankle while scoring a touchdown. Possible left ankle sprain Based on this video.

DT Kingsley Jonathan (Syracuse)

He appeared in 56 matches and reported no injuries.

WR Malik Williams (Appalachian State)

Appeared in 65 matches

2020 – Missed one game (Campbell) due to COVID-19.

DT Prince Emily (Pennsylvania)

Appeared in 37 matches

2016 Missed the entire season (ten matches) due to an undisclosed injury at the start of the season.

2017 Missed three matches (Lehigh, Dartmouth, Yale) for unknown reasons.

or Tanner Owen (Northwest Missouri)

He appeared in 52 consecutive matches and did not suffer any public injuries.

CB Travon Fuller (Tulsa)

Appeared in a total of 56 games: 43 at Texas A&M, 13 at Tulsa.

2021 Broke left middle finger while treating a player against UC Davis, required surgery, and played several subsequent matches with a club.

RB Raheem Blackshear (Virginia Tech)

Appeared in 51 games: 27 at Rutgers, 24 at Virginia Tech

2017 – Suffered a thigh injury prior to a Rutgers game against Michigan during his freshman year; Missed one match.

2020 – He battled COVID during pre-season before recovering and suffering from a hamstring strain in Week 2. Both illnesses didn’t force him to miss any time.

Olympian Derek Kerseter (Texas)

Appeared in 58 matches

2020 He had a sprained ankle late in the season prior to the Kansas State game. Unfortunately, he dislocated and fractured his left ankle during the Kansas State game. There is a drawing picture here If you are curious.

OL Alec Anderson (University of California)

Appeared in 30 matches

2019 He required surgery on his right knee/right leg before the season, and lost part of the training camp. He missed the season opener against Cincinnati. He also missed the Colorado game for unknown reasons.

2021 – suffered a Right leg injury Against Oregon, he managed to come back According to reports. He missed the following week against Utah, had a goodbye week, and missed Colorado. It was Dressed up and ready to play Against Colorado but in the end he sat down. Note: Anderson announced the NFL Draft after the UCLA ball game was canceled due to COVID issues.

Impact of damage on bills

Besides the many notable injuries at the time, there are very few lingering concerns as players head to a junior camp. Neil Bow’s ankle should now be fully healed and there is some concern about Alec Anderson regarding the details of his knee injuries.

The Bills also invited eight players to a junior camp with the opportunity to earn a contract based on their performance. This list was compiled by Ryan Talbot of Syracuse.com.

There may be many among this group of players with previous injuries that have been missed, but those listed here seem to be the most important. I wish good luck to all players as they embark on their NFL journey and I fully expect to see someone from this list either make the Buffalo Bills list or come elsewhere.

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