5/14/22: SEA at NYM Open Game Thread

Last night was fun! I mean, not for the Mets, who, unlike the wet but cheerful Mariners, look at a man, wet and sulky in all their photo editor pics. After taking home the sometimes elusive Not Swept award with their Game 1 win, sailors will be looking to add another degree of increasing difficulty to their belts and move on to the Win Series tonight.

George Kirby is making his second MLB start tonight, this time in his home state, so hopefully Kirby Crow makes another loud appearance. Google tells me that Rye, NY is less than an hour from Queens, so the family should be outside. Meanwhile, Mariners hitters will see a familiar opponent in former Athletic player Chris Bassett, though familiarity in this case doesn’t make it easy to take on Bassett and his own brand of Mariners Batters kryptonite: sloppy stuff that motivates a lot of poor connection.

If you missed John’s blurbin, the Mariners made two moves today: RHP Erik Swanson was flown to IL with what’s described as a nerve irritation, and the Mariners summoned left-wing Danny Young, aka the apple of our eye Conor Donovan to take his place. It’s a huge blow to Bull who can’t accommodate a lot of those, although it’s a good chance early in the season to see if Young (and by extension Ben Murphy and anyone else who might earn a call from Tacoma in the meantime) have the kind of strength needed to stay in the league Great.

The Mariners have also traded the apple of my eye, from Stuart Fairchild, for Alex Blandino’s nose, as they continue to anger marginalized players with San Francisco. Blandino doesn’t occupy a spot on the list and Fairchild does, which is likely explained by the POV in Seattle, but I didn’t sell Steven Souza as Jarred Kelenic’s replacement and would have liked to see Fairchild get more of a shot. Quickly, they all sent healing thoughts and prayers to Taylor Trammell.

Today’s game is scheduled to begin at 4:10 PT / 7:10 ET, but as the Mets themselves admit, there’s weather:

Yes, in the breaking news from the At Mets, the weather is there. Mike Trout will never stand with this. You can check out the latest updates from Shannon Drayer on Twitter, as she usually keeps a close eye on any potential Tarpenings. All we have so far is that it is expected to be delayed:

When the game starts, whether on time or not, you’ll be able to find it in the usual places: on 710 Seattle Sports on the radio and on ROOT Sports NW on TV.

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