American Airlines adds 68 new direct flights to college football

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American Airlines is preparing for the college football season by adding flights for fans.

What is happening: The world’s largest airline, which has a significant presence at Charlotte Douglas International Airport, will add 68 new direct flights catering to college football needs this fall. Flights will go on sale on Monday, May 17th.

  • In addition, they will be flying larger planes on October 8 and November 5 to Texas A&M in Alabama with flights between them. Birmingham Shuttlesworth and Dallas-Fort Worth and Alabama at LSU for flights between Baton Rouge and DFW.

new Charlotte trips Limited, but if Clemson at Notre Dame on November 5 is on your 2022 list for the college football season, here are your options for the Charlotte area:

  • November 4th: One flight from Greenville, Spartanburg, South Carolina (GSP, about an hour and a half drive from Charlotte) to South Bend, Indiana (SBN).
  • November 5: One flight from SBN to CLT and one flight from CLT to GSP.
  • November 6: One flight from CLT to SBN and one round trip between SBN and GSP.

Yes, but: American Airlines spokesman Brian Mitham said these flights are in addition to what the company already offers. For example, between November 4 and 6, there were nine round trips between CLT and SBN.

  • From Friday, November 4 through Monday, November 6, I count a total of nine round trips between CLT and SBN once these trips are added to the schedule. The updated schedule will be available for sale on Monday.

My Thought Bubble: This is great news for Axios’ Katie Peralta Soloff, a Notre Dame graduate, who loves to fight Irish.

  • I traveled to Chicago last October to see Notre Dame and North Carolina on South Bend. In her words, the game was great, but traveling backwards was a problem, as thousands were stranded by American Airlines due to weather issues and a lack of crew.
  • Fingers crossed these new ways for a better experience.

Yes, but: Travel from LaGuardia in New York to South Bend on Fridays and Sundays for all Notre Dame home games, which are September 10 and 17, October 15 and 22 and November 5 and 19.

Here’s a look at the other trips:

1. Orange Blossom Classic

Head to Miami for the Orange Blossom Classic between Florida A&M in Jackson State on September 4. Flight options, all round-trip between Miami and Jackson, Mississippi, include:

  • September 1st: two trips
  • September 2nd: one trip
  • September 3rd: one trip
  • September 5: Three trips

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2. Alabama in Texas

If you’ve been eagerly waiting for Texas to join the Securities and Exchange Commission in 2025, you’ll learn what to expect on September 10. Flight options, all round trip and between Austin, Texas, and BHM, include:

  • September 9: one trip
  • September 11: one trip

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3. Pennsylvania in Auburn

It’s a big cat fight with Nittany Lions heading to the Tigers on September 17th. Flight options between Philadelphia (PHL) and Montgomery, Alabama (MGM) include:

  • September 16: One trip from PHL to MGM
  • September 17: One trip from MGM to PHL
  • September 18: One round trip between PHL and MGM

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4. Wisconsin, Ohio

It’s the Big Ten fight on September 24th. American adds round-trip options between Columbus, Ohio and Madison, Wisconsin at:

  • September 23: one trip
  • September 25: one trip

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5. TN at LSU

SEC football heats up on October 8th. New flight options, both round trip between Knoxville and Tennessee and BTR, include the following:

  • October 7: one trip
  • October 9: one trip

Photo: Wesley Heat/Getty Images

6. LSU in Florida

Did you know that Laura Barreiro from Axios is a Florida graduate? Go Gators! These two rivals face off at the SEC on October 15 in Gainesville, Florida. American has added two flights to get you to and from the swamp:

  • October 14: One trip between BTR and GNV
  • October 16: One trip between BTR and GNV

Photo: Sam Greenwood/Getty Images

7. Iowa in Ohio

It’s the Hawkeyes and the Buckeyes on October 22nd. The new flights between Cedar Rapids, Iowa and CMH are:

  • October 21: one trip
  • October 23: one trip

Photo: Matthew Holst/Getty Images

8. Florida in Texas A&M

Photo: Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

It’s the SEC fight between the Gators and the Aggies on November 5th. New flight options between GNV and College Station, Texas include:

  • November 4th: one trip
  • November 6: one trip

Bonus: If you are traveling domestically on a narrow-body American airliner, such as Boeing 737 or Airbus A320 familyYou’ll have the freedom to access 24/7 live news and sports networks with in-flight entertainment on your device.

what are they saying: “Americans are making it easier for college football fans to move from the gate to the network this fall,” Jason Reisinger, US general manager of global network planning, said in a statement. “With new non-stop flights and more seats, we’re helping fans see the action in person. The US team is ready for game day with the smallest fleet of any US network carrier and service second to none.”

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