Ashwaubenon prepares for her 150th birthday and announces sponsorship

Written by Heather Graves

Ashwabinon – It was a significant day for the village of Ashwabinon.

During a press conference on Tuesday, May 10, officials unveiled the official logo and announced that Green Bay Packers are the presentation sponsor for the village’s upcoming Sesquicentennial celebration.

“We will celebrate our 150th birthday with the biggest event from August 8-14,” said Village Head Mary Cardowsky. “The opening ceremonies will take place on Monday 9 August at the high school. Lots of activities. We have been working on this for over a year trying to put everything together.”

The week will also include an ice cream social event, a Green Bay Rockers baseball game, a concert at The Epic, a scavenger hunt, and a Pancakes, Porkies and Polka event, Cardussky said.

More details will be announced in the coming weeks at, said Joel Grigowski, Ashwaubenon Village Manager.

“This year, as part of our bicentennial celebration, we will reflect on our history, celebrate our accomplishments and plan for a prosperous future,” Grigozski said. Ashwaubenon is a vibrant suburban community in the greater Green Bay area, surrounded by the historic Lambeau Field. While our community consists of approximately 17,000 residents, this regional center is a place to shop, work and play, with a daily population of over 35,000. Ashwabinon is truly known as the entertainment hub of the greater Green Bay.”

Green Bay Packers sponsor summer festivities as part of the Packers Give Back program.

“The village has been fantastic to work with in terms of development, and the village staff have been fantastic,” said Mark Murphy, president of Packers. “Thank you for appreciating us, and for allowing us to be the presentation sponsor.”

Village officials also unveiled the anniversary’s official logo, a winning entry designed by Nelson Beams, a senior at Ashwaubennon High School.

Gregozeski said the goal of the logo competition is to create a logo that represents the community, but that it also encourages smaller community members to get involved in the process.

“So we worked with high school students in our local area to essentially participate in a competition in which a student’s artwork was selected as our annual centenary emblem,” he said.

Beams said his design was inspired by many aspects of the village.

“The main ideas for Ashwabinon are the new exhibition center, our pride in America, and I feel our greenery and our trees, we still have a lot in[the village],” Beams said. “So, I just wanted to include it all in there.”

The new logo will be displayed on a commemorative coin that will be available during the village’s 150th birthday celebration.

The reverse side of the coin will feature the Green Bay Packers logo as the event sponsor.

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