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With Atlanta United suffering injuries at a rate unseen even by coach Gonzalo Pineda who has spent his life in the game, let’s run through all the players and discuss their status in recovery or general health.

Joseph Martinez Why not start with the big player – the player who has been on the minds of the entire Atlanta United fan base since it was closed down several weeks ago. Joseph returned to the training field during Friday’s session, although he was working one-on-one with a coach. He ran, stretched, and did some final workouts for about an hour.

Pineda later revealed that Joseph had a double session planned for the day with another in the afternoon, and added that it wasn’t the first time he had such a training session. Having said that, there is no firm timetable on when he will return to the team. Staff still takes him day in and day out, to evaluate his performance in sessions and recover afterward. The end of May coincides with the long end of the initial schedule that the team released after news of the arthroscopic knee surgery. My opinion is that the end of the month might be a good time frame for him to get back into team training, but there might still be some time before we see him appear in games, and even before he’s ready to start for much longer. I think we may not see Joseph back in the game until July, especially if the team continues to create chances with Ronaldo Cisneros up front.

Andrew Gutman – As you’ve probably heard by now, Andrew Guttman’s injury to Nashville FC at the US Open was not the worst case scenario (a broken collarbone) and instead was just a sprain/split shoulder. The bad news is that a shoulder sprain can be a very serious and painful injury – despite it being an upper body which is largely a lower body sport – there is still an urgent need for a full recovery before it can perform at its optimal level. . The good news about the upper body injury is that it will allow Gottman to better maintain his fitness level during rehab because he can still bike and run, so returning to work after recovery will be more predictable than, say, Luis Araujo who was dealing with Pull the hamstrings.

George Campbell – Campbell appeared as a substitute in Wednesday’s game, capturing his first minutes since sustaining a hip injury against Inter Miami on April 24. Sunday’s start could be a stretch, and perhaps an unnecessary risk if Alex de John is in good health. I won’t specifically include De John in this post, but he showed up a little late in Wednesday’s game. However, he is not included in Atlanta United’s recent injury report.

Caleb Wiley – Wiley suffered a low-grade sprain of his ankle against the Chicago Fire. He’s listed as questionable, but in my opinion he is unlikely to play this week because he wasn’t in training on Friday although he also missed the midweek game. I think it’s actually questionable to play the next Atlanta game against Nashville on May 21.

Emerson Hyndman – Don’t worry! Hyndman was not injured, but Pineda told the media on Friday that the team is being very patient with its return after a long layoff. At this time Hyndman is not considering starting matches and Pineda certainly wished it was an option from the start, but said they need to be more convinced he can maintain performance levels for a longer period of time before that happens. I think it will remain just a sub-option for next month, unless another injury crisis imposes on the team.

End of season injuries:

Brad Guzan (Achilles tendon)

Miles Robinson (Achilles tendon)

Dylan Castanheira (Achilles tendon)

Ozzy Alonso (AFC Champions League)

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