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Jamestown When Austin Schaeffer was graduating from Jamestown High School, he considered continuing his football career at Jamestown University, but eventually decided to go to NCAA University Montana Billings. Five years later, the Jimmies had another shot to land forward and coach Conor Campbell made it important.

On April 13, Schaeffer announced that he would use his last year of eligibility to go home and play with Jimmy.

“I hope to score some goals and help the team out,” Scheffer said. “Our goal is to win the GPAC and we hope to go to the Nationals.”

In his career with the Yellowjackets, Schaeffer scored six goals, one assist and 12 points. He was also a three-time winner of the Northwest Athletics All-Academic Conference.

Schaeffer is familiar with Jimmies and players, having played for the Dakota Fusion alongside Jimmies Aaron Pike and Diego Valle current Jimmies Daigo Adachi and Frankie Parkinson. He was also teammates with original teammates Ben Slito and Colin Bennett when all three were in high school.

Schaefer said that being familiar with a lot of his Jimmies teammates would make the transition easier on and off the field.

When Shafer made the decision to leave the Yellowjackets Show, he was drawn to the Jimmies because of the allure of playing in front of his friends and family.

“It’s home first and foremost and I decided to end my career in Jamestown and Connor gave me that opportunity,” Shafer said. “I’m really grateful he did that because I’m excited to be back playing in Jamestown after four years in Montana.”

When the possibility of Schaefer joining the show came up, Campbell said he reached out to those who knew him on the show to find out what kind of person he was.

“I love giving people opportunities to come home and play because I think there is something really special about that,” Campbell said. “So talking to him, talking to some guys, it really made sense. …. I felt we could be some of what he was looking for in the field. I felt it was a good fit for him academically as well as with what he was still looking forward to doing before graduation and then It made sense in this area, too.”

Campbell envisions Schaeffer as a striker for his team and said he hopes Scheffer will praise and promote his team next season.

“There are things he does well in his position that are different from other strikers or other forwards and there are things that other players do maybe in some games that might make more sense,” Campbell said. “So, not just having another skilled player but having guys with different kinds of skill sets that can be used against different kinds of opponents is huge.”

Schaefer said he’s excited to see how much his experience playing for the Yellowjackets and this summer at the Colorado Independent Football Academy will help him when he hits the field in the fall.

“I’m really excited,” Schaeffer said. “I spoke to a few guys on the team and played with a few guys over the summer when I was at Fusion and some of my classmates in high school. I’m really excited to play in front of my family and friends again in North Dakota and just contribute to a great team.”

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