caps out. Great One Stanley Cup Update

The Great Stanley Cup

In the fall of 2021, The Great Paul Hill at 560 CFOS greeted callers each morning to pick a number between 1 and 32.

Each team number had a corresponding NHL team number, and the number chosen was the team the caller received for that season.

Whichever team (or #) wins the Stanley Cup, wins the grand prize from the CFOS Morning Show.

The grand prize is an awesome Attack Shack gift card from Brian E. Wood Funeral Home + $10 cash back for the number of the winning team.

Therefore, if team 20 wins the Stanley Cup, the winner will receive the gift card plus an additional $200.

PLUS Pro Sport Fan Shop received gift certificates for 2nd place + 2 random raffle winners

Great Paul Hill and Frederick William Wallace had the last two unselected teams.

First round of play-offs

Eastern Conference

6 Carolina Hurricanes = Frederick William Wallace, CFOS vs. 29 Boston Bruins = Bertha Campbell, Owen Sound

2 Toronto Maple Leafs = The Great Ball Hill, CFOS v 24 Tampa Bay Lightning = Darlene Davidson, Owen Sound

19 New York Rangers = Diane Foreman, Chatsworth vs. 11 Pittsburgh Penguins = Karen Kocher, Hepworth

Western Conference

25 Calgary Flames = Charlie McClure, Wiarton vs 9 Dallas Stars = Linda Murray, Walter’s Falls

14 Edmonton Oilers = Linda McDonald, Georgian Bluffs vs. 10 Los Angeles Kings = Marilyn Morris, Mefford

Advance to the second round


8 Florida Panthers = Kathy McMurdo, Owen Sound vs.

the West

13 Colorado Avalanche – Gary Schott, Bognor vs. 20 St. Louis Blues = Wade Clark, Southampton

Knocked out round 1


18 Washington Capitals = Mel O’Neill, Owen Sound

the West

3 Minnesota Wild = Carol van Eyck, Kimball
30 Nashville Predators = Greg Osborne, Goring

ineligible for next season


1 Philadelphia Flyers = John Donnelly, Owen Sound (formerly Lake Chesley)
12 Buffalo Sabers = Ian Macpherson, Georgian Bluffs / Wirton
15 New Jersey Devils = Carol Young, Walters Falls
16 Montreal Canadiens = Don Gromit, Meiford
22 Detroit Red Wings = Kathleen Gardner, Owen Sound
27 New Yorkers = Bob Swanell, Owen Sound
28 Ottawa Senators = Marilyn Holsworth, Kitchener
32 Columbus Blue Jackets = Anne Weymouth, Owen Sound

the West

4 Arizona Coyotes = Keith McConnaci of Southampton
5 Vegas Golden Nights = Marge Dyer, Williamsford
7 Winnipeg Jets = Glenn Kirby, Owen Sound
17 Anaheim Ducks = Jeremy Orbshot, GTA (Greater Tara District)
21 San Jose Sharks = Lauren Dunning, Owen Sound
23 Seattle Kraken = John Hall, Georgian Bluffs
26 Chicago Blackhawks = Ken Jones, Owen Sound
31 Vancouver Canucks = Shirley Wallace, Williamsford

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