Celtics win epic duel against Giannis Bucks

This is how championship rings are won – or how you put yourself in a position to win them. After six massive fights, four victories on the road and no team winning two games in a row, the Celtics And dollars Everything settles on the seventh. C’s somehow managed to survive an epic performance from Giannis Antikonmo On the Fiserv forum on Friday night. Jason Tatum He scored 46 points, 28 of them in a stunning second-half display, to bring his team a 108-95 victory, equalizing the series at 3-3 and imposing it. Seventh game in Boston.

You are He knew this was his night and made an unusual show. He became the first player since then Shaquille O’Neal More than 20 years ago an eclipse Playoff stats streak 40 points and 20 reboundsfinishing with 44 points In shooting 14 of 30, going 14 of 15 from the free throw line and up to 20 planks. He also added six assists, two blocks, and one steal.

Titanic Tatum

But Tatum He matched him every step of the way in the attacking finish, firing 17 of 32 from the field and seven from 15 from long range, with nine rebounds and four assists to go with 46 in nearly 44 minutes off the field.

It was a game dominated by the Celtics from the second quarter, Bucks restricted to 17 points per frame To snatch a 10-point lead in the first half, and even though the homers ran out, Boston had all the answers. The Bucks was a solo show, but the Celtics had a number of strong contributors like Jaylen Brown shot seven of 16 from the field and four of seven from deep for 22 points, while Marcus Smart shot eight of 16 and five of nine from outside the arc for 21. TatumAnd brouwn And Clever Contribute 89 out of 108 points to Boston.

Al Horford He finished with just two points, but had four game-high blocks and 10 team-high rebounds as Antetokounmpo made an all-day fight indoors, while Derek White also scored an important 30-minute lead on the bench, perfecting the superstars. guru holiday And Pat Connaughton The only other Bucks to score more than six were the Milwaukee hits 40 percent from the field and 24 percent from three (seven of 29).

Jaylyn Brown He told reporters afterwards, “It was a great performance. Our backs were against the wall. I loved seeing JC behave aggressively and attack us aggressively. It was definitely a standout game for Celtics and Jayson. We wanted to get into the game with the right mindset – Smart did great, and we played Great and we’ve found a way to win the game over the long term. Give crete to Milwaukee, they’re tough. They go out of their way defensively and try to make it hard for us. When we’re walking and we’re aggressive, you know somebody’s always coming in behind you.”

The series returns to TD Garden for the seventh and decisive game on Sunday.

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