Chicago Bears Rookie Predictions: Jaquan Brisker

While some fans wanted a different situation from safety, many fans couldn’t complain about the talent Jaquan Brisker would bring to the Chicago Bears. He is rated an NFL ready player and should be fine to get into the Week 1 lineup. This made it more attractive.

Knowing this, what should the team expect from Jaquan Brisker?

Realistic expectations for young Chicago baby Jaquan Brisker

Since 2011, 24 safety pieces have been drafted into the second round of the NFL Draft. They are:

Travon Muhrig, Landon Collins, Jesse Bates, Antoine Winfield, Marcus May, Juan Thornhill, John Cibrian, Marcus Williams, Jevon Holland, Justin Evans, Taylor Raab, DJ Sweringer, Shawn Davis, Jackiesky Tart, Budda Baker, Grant Delpt, Rahim Moore, TJ Green, Tavon Wilson, Xavier McKinney, Marquise Blair, Jordan Richards, Obi Melifonwu, Richie Grant

Of course, some of these lockers are free, and some are powerful. Looking at the box players, where Brisker will line up, the players most similar are Collins, Cyprien, Holland, Rapp and Tartt. Below you can see how these players performed in the junior seasons.

The first thing that is easy to notice is how often they start. Almost all of them started the entire season. Among the 24 safety zones selected in Round 14 started in more than half of their team’s matches. The players who did not participate in more than half of the matches of the junior season are

Bodda Becker, Grant Delbitt, Raheem Moore, TJ Green, Tavon Wilson, Xavier McKinney, Marcoy Blair, Jordan Richards, Obie Milifonou, and Ritchie Grant.

With the exception of Budda Baker, you can see a very clear correlation between the players who entered the court as beginners turning into novices, while the second rounds who didn’t get to enter the court early never really picked things up. Even in Becker’s case, he played more shots than he started because he played nickels so much.

If Briskser doesn’t start half of the team’s games, there’s a serious problem, but that should be expected by Bears fans. On average, players with a similar background to Presker posted the following base line:

66 single tackles, 23 assists, 89 totals, 2.8 hits QB, 5 tackles for a loss, 1 sack, 1 forcible pass, and 1 interception.

You should expect an entire season as a beginner with a stat line similar to the season above. At the end of the season, we’ll take a look at Jaquan Brisker’s junior season and see if he scored the goals set for him.

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