Daily NHL playoffs results: Panthers progress; Rangers and Star Force 7s game

Game 6: Rangers 5, Penguins 3 | The series tied 3-3

Who was the man? Oh boy, Mika Zibanijad was all over the place. In order, it is –

• Scored the Rangers’ first goal in a Power-play game once outside a confrontation.
• He scored his second goal with a missile from the highest circles and tied the match with a score of 2-2.
• He came inside a missed bar from a hat-trick after the penalty area was separated.
• Put a paddle on Louis Domingu that Chris Kreider sent home to give Rangers a 3-2 lead.
• Dropped a pass to Kreider, then went into the net for a Kreider shot – which handcuffed Domingue from six feet into the blue line and put Rangers ahead 4-3 with 88 seconds remaining.

It was a night, and it was a huge boost in productivity since the first five games of the series. Sidney Crosby’s absence helped – it’s easier to score when you have the disc – as did the constant presence of Dominguez, who has been shaky to catastrophic from the moment he entered the series, but the sheer variety of scenarios in which Zibanijad made a difference is impossible to ignore. The Rangers needed a game like this from his streak at some point. he was there.

Plus, he and Cryder gave us one of the most treasured moments of the post-season so far, after Zibanijad went to review an iPad for his exploding breakout.

lessons there? Not every mistake requires next-level thinking — sometimes, we just fail — and it always helps to have a friend tell you to stop looking at your phone.

What was the key? The more Domingue was in the lineup, the more likely a performance like this was to happen. This was a disastrously poor performance. Rangers had a predicted 2.81 goal, and Doming allowed four – but that’s not enough for how ridiculous the last goal was.

Furthermore, Evan Rodriguez’s retaliatory penalty kick on Ryan Lindgren five minutes into the second half was a poor start for Pittsburgh. Zipanegad’s first goal came after five seconds. It was a selfish penalty by Rodriguez – Mike Sullivan would shoot lasers at his eyeball towards the chest if he could – and that was magnified by Domingo’s problems. From there, the shift in the atmosphere began.

Basic stats: zero. This is the number of shots the Penguins have attempted within 1:07 out of five times with the game tied 2-2. New York won the SWB decisively (2 goals in PP on three chances, 3 vs. 3 on penalty kick).

Expiry moment: A Rangers victory looked inevitable in the last 26:21, once the match was tied 2-2, but it didn’t go well until Kreder’s shot went over Domingo’s head. This is the starting risk of an AHL goalkeeper.

Match moment: Other than an iPad toss? Other than Rodriguez’s penalty? Other than the fourth goal of the Rangers? Zipanjad goal equalizer in the match. Pittsburgh had blown the lead 2-0 for the second game in a row.

Rangers concern meter: 😬😬😬 … Igor Shesterkin didn’t look like a Hart finalist (31 saves on 34 shots), but he did. Depending on his opponent in Game 7, that should be enough. Maybe he’ll pull another bad extension pass.

Penguins anxiety scale: 🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯… Only one team in the series has blown a 3-1 lead, and it’s not Rangers. If Tristan Garry does not return to the network, the collapse is likely to be complete.

– Shawn Kind

Game 6: Panthers 4, Capitals 3 (overtime) | Florida wins 4-2

Who was the young man?: Who is Carter Verhaghi? Not only did he land the secondary assist in Claude Giroud’s goal, but he netted the series-clinching goal in overtime to send the Panthers into the second round for the first time since 1996. He’s been the catch-all for this team throughout the series, now with six goals and six assists to 12. points in six games.

Talk about a valuable signing for the Panthers, after signing a two-year contract for, on average, $1 million, in October 2020. Florida benefited from a breakout season last year, another solid performance in 2021-22, and now This is amazing Performance to unlock the playoffs. It’s an excellent example of why he helped have some innovative data-driven thinkers in the front office at the time of signing to find market inefficiencies and discover gems like Verhaeghe.

What was the key?: The Panthers weren’t the same dominant force they were in the regular season. Washington did their best to prevent this team from rushing in and to constrain goalkeepers from having to contend with those dangerous opportunities. So, to move into the second round, Florida needed its “big guns” to play. And that’s exactly what they got from the likes of Alexander Barkov, who scored the green goal in the third half, as well as Claude Giroud, who set up Barkov’s goal in the third and Verheig in overtime, in addition to scoring. The equalizer makes the score 2-2.

Basic stats: Three goals in the match. That’s how many times Verhaeghe has won for his team in this series – so it had a direct impact on three of the four wins they needed to get ahead.

Expiry moment: In the game of overtime… the winner is always in the game. This game didn’t end until after it was over, as the Capitals had tied it just 63 seconds before. Giroux was under the goal line and found Verhaeghe, who received the pass from the hole and finished with a backhand to end the streak.

Match moment: Florida was 63 seconds away from winning the first round in regulation, before TJ, O’Shea scored a near-chaotic goal to seal the 3-3 victory.

I mean where was Sergey Bobrovsky when the goal was actually scored?

Almost out of the top camera frame! If you look closely, you can see his sled all the way at the bottom just as the puck crossed the goal line. As much as he helped the leopards get it here In the playoffs, there will be questions about his post-season playing until everyone shuts down with a stellar streak of games.

This could have sucked the life out of the Panthers and allowed the Capitals to pull even to force Game 7. And as much as some of us on this Washington team have doubted, we know this is a seasoned group that knows what it takes to win it all – and that could have taken root with some clutch games When it matters most. But Florida bounced back and was able to finish this in six.

Meter Concern Capitals: ☠️

leopards concern meter: ✌️

– Shayna Goldman

Game 6: Stars 4, Flames 2 | The series tied 3-3

Who was the young man?: Roope Hintz opened the scoring and set the tone for his team, even though the first period wasn’t perfect (wait, we’ll get there). He’s also got the basic helper on the blank grid (we’ll get there too). Besides two points, the center kept the ice leaning toward the stars with a five-for-five shot-attempt advantage of 23-11 and just under 60 percent of the expected goal share. Also impressive is that Hintz faced the Flames’ first defense pair – Rasmus Andersson and Noah Hanifin for over seven minutes of play from five to five. At the time, shot attempts were 14-5 for the stars.

What was the key?: The Flames had a projected 2.01 in all positions in that first period, according to the Natural Stat Trick, compared to 0.46 in Dallas. So, despite Dallas leading 1-0, there was no way they could go on for another two terms at this rate. Superstars raise their level of play And Built on their lead – outperforming Calgary 29-15 in the second period in five against five and generating 68 percent of the expected goal share. With the way the All-Star game has been going lately, this level playing field has been key. And They were able to maintain that edge in the third period, below the surface, while adding to the scoring sheet to strengthen their advance.

Basic stats: Jake Oettinger continues to give his team a chance to win throughout this series. Last night, he faced 54 unblocked shots, 38 of which fell on the net. With 36 saves, he stopped 1.08 more goals than expected. This exceeds the final goal differential (when the star blanks are subtracted), and qualifies as a stolen win.

Expiry moment: Miro Heskanen’s goal, which ended in the match win, cemented that win for the Stars, and in the end it was what drove Dallas to a 2-0 lead and Flames managed to score within minutes of the game. second period. At that point, the stars could have folded and let the favorite take over, finish the series, and move on to the second round. But Heiskanen’s goal was exactly What this team needed before the second period ended. Even better, it was the second equally powerful goal of the game to be scored without the top star streak on ice.

Match moment: Roope Hintz’s year was strong and it showed up on the scoresheet. As much pressure is put on everyone in Dallas, it’s not as hard on him as says, Tyler Seguin who didn’t live up to expectations. Hintz was selfless on the empty net, setting up Seguin to score his second goal of the post-season. Seguin needed this score more than Hintz.

Flame Anxiety Gauge: 🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯 … The Flames, in front of the network of Jacob Markstrom, has not lived up to expectations consistently and now that they‘re They will face elimination in Game 7 after not closing the series when given the opportunity.

Star worry meter: 🤠 …the underdogs are still standing!

– Shayna Goldman

three stars

On tap for Saturday

Bruins at Hurricanes, 4:30 p.m. ET (Series tied 3-3)

Lightning at Maple Leafs, 7 p.m. ET (string tied 3-3)

Kings at Oilers, 10 p.m. ET (Series tied 3-3)

(Photo of the Panthers celebrating their OT win at Friday Game 6: John McCreary/NHLI via Getty Images)

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